Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ignore the Freaking Scale, Please?


This is why you should ignore the scale & listen to your body...

...and crossfit & eat paleo! Heh! 

I started my health & fitness journey in Costco-size Kirkland capris...X-large & squeezed on like a sausage. 

Then I lost 35 lbs & went down to large. 

Today my pants kept falling down during wall balls and burpees....after indulging at Disneyland for 5 days!! 

I thought I was being silly to buying medium goals pants at Costco today,but guess what? 

THEY fit. 

And according to the dang scale? I weigh 3 lbs more than when I bought the larges. Hmpffffph! 

Just shows you muscle weighs more than fat and just because the scale doesn't budge doesn't mean the inches aren't melting off.

 I'll take a smaller size over a number on the scale any day of the week! I guess  it'll be time soon to buy some small goal capris??? 


Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls That Won't Break the Bank: I Gotcha!

So your kids are older and aren't impressed with kites and sidewalk chalk, but don't want to let the fun end?  Yet you don't want to stuff their basket entirely with sugar, dyes, and preservatives?

Yeah, I so get it. I got you!

As a mother of two, I have some tried and true items that won't break the bank for teen Easter baskets:

Set of two microfiber towels in Easter Egg colors for less than $6 each. Roll them up in some cute ribbon and half your basket is full.  Perfect soft, absorbent towels for the beach or for year-round swimmers.

Oh hello!  Your teens don't have a back up phone charger??  Oh man is that needed on long car trips to see grandma!   Oh the horror of teasing and bickering that occurs with dead phone when they could be instagramming and snap chatting their friends duckfaces, right? So I got my daughter one of these awesome little phone chargers for her Christmas stocking, but they are perfect and come in brights and pastels perfect for someone's basket.  A bit of a splurge at $19, believe me when I say so worth, "a full charge or 9 hours of additional talk time to your iPhone (5, 4, 4S, 3G & 3GS) and on most other phones, a full charge or 90+ hours of audio playback." They come in pink, blue, silver, or black and even have a flashlight my daughter uses.

Nail polish, people.  Always a pleaser and you can never have too much as a teen girl! I love this set with it's six pastel colors for only $8 and free shipping, it's a steal.  Perfect to wrap individually in Easter cellophane goody bags and stuff baskets with, right??

Friendship bracelets for way cheaper than you would even find at a fair or at the beach steal.  YES, six bracelets for less than a Starbuck's latte!

Eos lip balms are always a hit. Buy one or buy a set! Perfect little eggs shapes for the basket!

Finally, these princess cut sterling silver cubic zirconia beauties I also put in my daughter's Christmas stocking. Yep, no joke these one carat each sparkles are one penny right now plus $7 shipping.  Perfect for a little Easter basket bling and definitely does not break the bank. 

My advice? Buy some fun stuff, throw in a  couple Cadbury eggs or a chocolate bunny, and sit back and be the hero in a basket you can feel good about with less sugar and junk. 

I promise they won't even notice. 

Have any tips of your own?  Let me know in comments.  I'd love to hear them!!

Never Forgotten, My Love Seb

Sebbie's ashes were just delivered from the vet. I held it together until he left, but am sobbing right now. 

My poor pup. He is so missed. 

I put him next to our beloved Grendel's ashes in a place of honor in the living room. 

Never forgotten...


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Morality and Life Lessons

Found in the trash by his older brother, here are some gems of wisdom from my 6th grader:

"Morality and Life Lessons

1. NEVER leave asthma untreated

2. Refill the toilet paper

3. Boys make the opening move

4. Don't take no sh$t from no one

5. Moms are valuable, and you only get one."

((Jaw drop for the 2nd time this week courtesy of a son)))

Wow! So what would you out on your own Morality and Life Lessons list?

I am kind of partial to #5. Hehehe! 

Someone trained him well! ;)

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