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Friday, December 1, 2006


I think mommy bloggers (Yes, I embrace the term assured that is, but one facet of who I am) deserve compensation. In fact, we demand it and demand to be taken seriously as the powerful force we are on the internet.

Make me an offer I can't refuse. Contact me:


Ad Space:

Currently, I accept $40 a month for mid page right or left 125 x 125. Since January 2009, my current impressions as of April 2011 are 21,000+. My audience is primarily women with children in the 18-44 year old range who browse from home.

Product Reviews:

I also accept products for review, but I make no promises. If I like your product, would buy it with my own money, and I think my readers would too, I am your best friend and would happily give an honest, glowing review. If it doesn't float my boat? I'll happily send on your product to someone I think will appreciate it (I cannot promise they will review it) or donate it. No worries. I only give poor reviews to items I've purchased myself.

NEW:I now write sponsored posts for payment at http://unitedstatesofmotherhoodreviews.com.

Happy Marketing, my friends.

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