United States of Motherhood: CG Listens to Babs! CG listens to B-a-a-a-bs!

Friday, December 8, 2006

CG Listens to Babs! CG listens to B-a-a-a-bs!

So I am sitting here in our office with CG and Li'l Man computing away. CG has his IPOD plugged into speakers and music blaring. Since my hearing issues challenge my lyrical comprehension, I ask him why this song by the Leevees is singing about six packs of "sauce." He gently, but with slight smile, says, "No, they are saying six packs of socks,"-apparently a common Jewish Hannukah gift. Oh!See below video. By the way, it still sounds like sauce to me!

Later, I am humming along to "My Favorite Things' when suddenly my mouth gapes open. I exclaim to CG,"Ohhhh....Mmmmmyyyyy...Gawd! Are we listening to Barbara Streisand?! Get out! You have "the" Barbara Streisand ON your IPOD?"

He says to me with embarassment, "I'm just playing Christmas music and when did you suddenly be able to name a song in three notes?"

WOW! CG has babs on his IPOD. Can't stop giggling here because Babs is my almost 70 year old Mom's favorite singer. CG and my Mom have something in common. Who knew!

Note: We won't talk about Bab's lame politics and habits of telling her fans to "f%&# off," at concerts when they came to hear her sing, not watch pathetic Bush skits. My Mom would be horrified.


Beau said...

I don't listen to Babs - it was on a Christmas album I ripped. I have a variety music on the 60GB iPod Photo you got me.

Don't forget, how I also had James Blunt and other music that you like and I don't.

I'd be happy to listen to Punk Rock Xmas for the Christmas season!

Scout's Honor said...

Defensive much? Hmmm...So I didn't see you turning it off either. Sweetheart, your secrets out.

Scout's Honor said...

By the way, I LOOOVVE that the targeted ad below refer's to Mom's Music. Teeheee.

Beau said...

I can't believe that when play music for you this is what I get.

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