United States of Motherhood: It happened!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It happened!

One of the worst things EVER happened. I was shopping at a department store and found this great top on clearance. It looked cute and was so cheap, I didn't bother to try it on. One of its merits was that it was empire waisted and stretchy to cover my troublesome areas. Unfortunately, it would have had to have been a mu-mu to cover ALL my troublesome areas. Regardless, I bought it and took it home.

At home, I tried it on and it looked cute. CG agreed. As I cut off the tags, I notice it says maternity. Oh...My...Gawd... I was wearing a maternity schmock. How horrifying. Even more horrifying was that I decided that I still liked it. I am wearing it now.

How has my life come to this, I ask you?

I would like to think at one point I had some style. Now, it's about comfort and coverage. I sense a huge and fruitless diet coming on.

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