United States of Motherhood: Sir-Naughty-Rhymes-A-Lot

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


On the drive home from pre-school:

"Mommy, I know some rhymes, " Li'l man says in cute, innocent, whimsical, sing-song voice from the back seat.

"You do?" I say distractedly watching the road.

"Yup, cookie-poopie."

Hmmm.... I think. Not much of a rhyme and I can see where this is going.

"And glue-poo." He giggles. "And tree-pee."

Ahhh, the rhymes of a four year old boy. I hope that he's not busta-his-a-rhyming at school.

How embarassing.

1 comment:

Beau said...

I'll work on moving him from rhyming couplets to limericks.

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