United States of Motherhood: We taught our kids to heckle smokers

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We taught our kids to heckle smokers

I think smokers stink. I know it's an addiction, but I just can't stand the smell, the yellow finger nails, and the entitlement that some smokers feel to pollute my and my children's lungs. I also think it's disgusting how much tax payers' dollars gets funneled into the diseases of a vice that people have know for decades was bad for you. Why should our generation pay for other's bad decisions? Think of all that money funneled into education, or better yet, the national debt.

I was so happy when Washington passed the no smoking just about anywhere law. California's results have shown that you make smoking a taboo and make smokers out to be social pariahs, and smoking rates go down.

Furthermore, I have truly programmed my kids to hate smoking as well. Almost too well... My kids have turned into hecklers. They take upon themselves great dramatics and loud voices to point out people who "litter" the parking lot/sidewalk with, "cancer sticks." They bemoan the stench and let everyone know within a 100 foot radius how cancer kills and is really quite smelly. God forbid someone is actually inhaling when they are around. They aren't afraid to stare until the smoker feels like a squirming bug under a microscope.

While I am glad they think smoking is gross and will probably never start, I don't know where all this bravado and chutzpah and down right rudeness is coming from?! I admit I described all these side effects of smoking, but I never told them to start heckling smokers. Anyone else have this problem where you so spectacularly brainwash your kids that they run with it and it becomes it's own monster?

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Anonymous said...

people bitch and complain about the effects of smoking. But you know what....it's the government that makes them legal and they profit from the sales & after effect of the damage caused by smoking. Do you people honestly think that our government will pull the smokes off the shelves???

BTW I am an ex smoker & I have no problem with people who smoke

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