United States of Motherhood: Evil Costco Samples

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Evil Costco Samples

I rarely buy the products I sample at Costco...and yet, I still sample them like a college student seeks free food. However, yesterday I was finally lured to the dark side.

Costco has this new product: The Greek Gods honey Flavoured Traditional Greek Yogurt. It's free of cow hormones, but that is not why I bought it. I bought it for it's thick, honeyed goodness and almost goat cheesy tang. I bought it for its rich mouth feel and silky, velvety melt in your mouth taste. Yum! So you should translate that as this is the first time I have eaten full-fat (10 grams ) yogurt after 10 years of non-fat Yoplait.

But wait! There's more.... I bought it in two 24-ounce packages (Yep, Costco alright) and there's maybe 1 cup left. Moreover, I didn't eat the most of it. The kids LOOOOVE it! I told them it tasted better than ice cream (Sorry, honey, I know you work for an ice cream company and they are responsible for the fat bonus we are getting, but it's still betta!)

As we speak, remains I am snacking on attract Eldest's attention. He opens his mouth like a baby bird for a bite. Before I know it, he snatches the container and those remains are being heartily consumed by eldest. His quote, in Eygore accent, " Sooooo Guuuuud!"

The logical businessman in my husband says that products that are put out for sampling at Costco tend to sell 3-4 times more product. Apparently, there's also this $1000 a week in product sold minimum bar to stay at Costco. According to the stocking clerk, as he directed me to the yogurt, there were only 12 boxes left of the 150 they put out yesterday. By my calculations, they may have met that bar in one week-end. So check it out! This yogurt may be the next Wii, Tickle Me Elmo, or Ferbie. Get it while it's there!


Beau said...

If you like yogurt with honey, you'll love Sweet Cream with Lehua Honey Haagen Dazs. Coming soon to grocery stores near you or available online.

I know it is a shameless plug, but come on, I stylized it as one of those knock off perfume ads.

Mark said...

After Anne went to Greece a couple years ago, she came back a fiend for Greek yogurt. I'm not entirely sure I can tell the difference, but I bet after 48 ounces I could!

Speaking of Costco samples, my sister used to work at a pet store next to Costco, and instead of taking a lunch, she would just go next door and graze from the free samples. That never seemed too healthy, but if they're serving this yogurt now ....

Karly said...

We don't have a Costco around here. I feel so deprived. Is that similiar to a Sam's Club?

Your kids are adorable. Your son looks like a mini Paul Walker.

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