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Thursday, February 22, 2007

'*uck the Cup

What's in your Starbucks cup?

I went to http://www.mystarbuckstshirt.com/ to get my shirt from Project Runway star Michael Knight. Those fuckbucks were out of their phantom t-shirts for the day, but here's what it would have looked like:

I have got to say I love both Knight and Starbucks--and not just because I live in the Seattle area or my sister manages a Starbucks either. I have always LOVED coffee--both the idea of it as child in a Mormon household and the taste. My Mom would slip me Coffee Nip candies as a child all the time, which were my favorite. She claims and still claims to this day that it's not real coffee. Ahem...

Anyway, I have charming memories as a teenager with a love affair with coffee in a Mormon household. Mom, thankfully, never did let on that she knew I had a coffee maker brewing coffee in my closet. She didn't even comment on the gurgling of the cheap coffee maker burping. And she and I both loved Jamoca (again no coffee in there) Almond Fudge. Until my husband who works for a prominent ice cream company actually saw coffee ice cream being made with pure coffee extract, did I start to become a doubter myself.

So what's your drink? Mine, as the picture indicates, is a Venti Drip (No African roasts--only medium/full bodied/no acid like Italian Roast) with one to two shots espresso, room for cream, fake sugar, no whip. Yep, your run of the mill "Shot in the Dark." It works for me. I like the flavors of both brewed and espresso together--more complex if I have to use my snotty java aficionado cap.

I do admit though to drinking gads of Peppermint Mochas in December with disgusting amounts of pumpkin scones or Cranberry-Bliss bars. In summer, I am very partial to an extra strong Black Shaken Tea with two pumps of syrup-I am so over Frappuchinos. And the Green Tea Latte is perfect for spring. It even makes the crevices in your teeth a mossy green color just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

Yet, the best is my own freshly ground, home-brewed, double strength coffee with a shot of double strong espresso from my husband's Capresso. All that mixed with that wonderful invention-- the "non-fat half and half." Who knows what they put in that to make it the right viscosity and really, who cares. The coffee will kill you before the guar gum.

1 comment:

Beau said...

I am a double dry tall cappuccino.

Try again for that shirt at 10am PST... Hope that all the central time people are too involved with lunch.

Love you!

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