United States of Motherhood: The First Last Loose Tooth {Sniffle}

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The First Last Loose Tooth {Sniffle}

There are certain key moments as you raise your children when suddenly you get this clarity of vision of what path your child will take -- you might even call it a vision of their adult selves.

You then realize how fleeting it is to be called, "The best Mommy ever," or get little chubby fingers brushing your cheek or huge hugs with nose nuzzles or scampering bodies in your bed after a particularly bad nightmare. This week has been full of these visions.

We started the week with Li'l Man coming to me saying his tooth hurt. Yep, it's his first loose tooth. I realized at that particular moments this will be the last "first loose tooth" of our family.

I silently wish it takes him a while to pull it out. It's too soon I think with panic. He can't be growing up this quick. In one month, he'll be in kindergarten and I'll be home without the giggles, quarreling, and kisses. No more little feet will be underfoot, begging me to read just one more story. {sigh}

As if to help it along even further, PB started to give Li'l Man sage tooth loosening advice. I hear a wise little voice pipe in the kitchen, "You know, it's never too late to use an apple." Ahh... The voice of experience.

Indignant, Li'l Man wisecracks back, "Yuh-huh! When my tooth's fallen out. Derrrr!"

Ummm, he got you there PB!

I then fast-forward to see them on her wedding day. He being the ever protective little, big brother. He'll tell her, "It's not too late to back out!" And, I'm sure like this week, she'll have just as quick a humorous retort.

Is it insane that this last tooth has me envisioning weddings?! Just another irrational Mommy moment.

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