United States of Motherhood: Who Could Resist?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Who Could Resist?

I am a terrible doggie parent. Don't tell CG but, I feed my dogs people food under the table. They in turn follow me around and return my kindness with great eruptions of gratitude.

Damn! Dog! The anal volcanoes are making my eyes water. The tail winds leave me gasping. I haven't smelled such malodorous splendor since we had a rotting diaper pail full of half-digested carrot nappies when we switched the kids to solids.

This is what happens when fried chicken meets 90 pound canine and no matter where I go in the house, he follows me.

His brown eyes don't realize how much his brown eye offends. All he knows is that his lady loves him. She feeds him. She even lets him sleep on CG's side of the bed when CG's on business trips.

He is loving me to bottom burping death. He is magnetized to me, gifting me with sheer nasal delights.

I pat his head, rub his silky ears, and try to figure out how to type with one hand while holding a brown bag over my face to prevent hyperventilating. I love this dog!


Beau said...

You reap what you sow!

It is a good thing that he got it all out of his system, because he is now sitting underneath my desk.

Sandee said...

You had me laughing out loud & beleive me I needed it today :)
I love my doggies as well, foulness and all.

Cool place you have here :)

Scout's Honor said...

Thanks, Sandee. CG is right that I do reap what I sow. It's just hard to resist them, especially since I know my pups would do anything for me.

Glad to give you a laugh and I hope you feel better. Laughter is often the best medicine. I try to remember that on my down days!

Woman with kids said...

'bottom burping death' I love it! Except, of course, when Dog does that. Then it's just plain torture.

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