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Friday, August 10, 2007

Call Me Super Mommy: I Took the Money Update

This Pin Up Mommy really screwed the pooch on this one:

Li'l Man comes to me after breakfast with pleading eyes.

"Can I? Mom?" He asks while waving his DS.

Ha! Now I can get him. Let him know the power of the greenback.

I put my hand out and say with sparkling smile, "That'll cost you ten dollars, my man."

Even more perky back, he squeeks with glee, "Oh, alright!" He scampers upstairs to his room.

Ha! He won't ask so easily next time... All the sudden, he is at my side with ten bucks. "Wuh?"

"Here you go." He immediately starts to play said DS at the kitchen table.

Who knew Li'l Mr. Moneybags had so much money. No idea where he got it. Maybe a five finger discount from PB? Birthday money never spent? Disneyworld spending allowance? He usually hordes and never wants to spend money.

Wow! I don't know how long I am going to let this play out, but Mama needs a new pair o' shoes. I figure he must be good for another $10 or so...

Eldest comes screaming into the kitchen. "Is it true? Can I really pay to play my DS?"

Shit. I've created monsters. Thanks God PB doesn't like electronic games or all my kids' brains would turn to putty. I need them sharp, with high paying careers, so they can keep me in the style of which I want to be accustomed.

Maybe I'll start paying them with their own money to read books. OOhhhh... I know. I can be one of those Mommies that pay for grades. That'll get them in the spirit of learning. Gah!


Whit said...

the way things are nowadays, they'll probably be able to get better paying jobs with videogame skills than reading

Scout's Honor said...

So true. so true. My kids love going over to a friend of our's home. We works for Mircosoft in the XBOX division. His gaming skillz certainly paid off.

Along with a lovely home, killer wife, and well-paid job, he's got a sweet set up of a 96" (I think-CG correct me here) projection tv with the 'Box set up. Even I , a anti-gamer, go play.

I made my husband promise before we married and had kids that no game system would ever grace our home. I relented with the DS because it was something my son earned. I have to admit, there certainly is a skill set involved, manual dexterity, and definitely spatial reasoning.

My problem, I can't get past the vacant eyes, sudden hearing disabilities, and drool....

The WII is calling to me though because at least you need to stand up.

Thanks for visiting, "Mr. Honea."

Beau said...

Why do I need a game console, when I have a pinup wife!

Nice pic, sweetheart!

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