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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ferocious Puppies

This is my shadow, Seb:

And this picture is quite honestly the scariest picture of a dog I have ever seen. I jump every time it flashes on my screen. (I've saved you the agony because I haven't received permission from the owner post the actual picture. ) That fuzzy guy's owner claims he's all cuddles and lick and I believe him.

So Seb is all cuddles and licks, so I wondered if I could catch him barking and capture the same ferocity?

Well, we are getting there.

Um, no! All I get is Sebbie the bat dog. I needed to have a male in the house to help me. Instead, me telling him to sick a housefly doesn't given him enough motivation to show those pearly whites. Believe me, he's a raging beast when his women are threatened. Really.

I guess I need some practice with the photography. Or maybe our dogs just aren't as cool as say Dooce's Chuck. How disloyal of me. I am sure my dog Grendel is thinking this right now:

Picture by Computer Geek

"Well, you're no spring chicken either! Pfffft!"

1 comment:

Woman with kids said...

That other dog has about 15 sets of teeth. He's cuddly like tarantula is sweet.

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