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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Foot Fetish

Pssstt....Don't tell anybody, but my husband really likes my feet. Oh, wait! I guess I already told you in a post in April. Anyhoo, it's a good thing because it supports my habit. I am an admitted shoe whore. I have over 50 pairs of shoes and growing.

Along with liking my feet, he often takes pictures and posts them to Flickr.

So, tooling around his flickr photostream a while ago and I realize that he's getting quite a bit of traffic from other people who like my feet. I start getting a bit creeped out and think of that Law & Order episode where the guy cuts his victims' feet off for sexual jollies.

Bleck! So hopefully, it's because they just think it's cute that he painted my toenails to look like ladybugs. But great greasy yak balls, 568 people have checked them out:

And another 447 people check out my toes when I went barefoot in Seattle:

What I said on that post still holds true. My shoe-less-ness seems to have intrigued people. Some have even favorited the picture. Still not sure how to react. So I started checking out who had favorited my blogs. I found some really scary stuff.

This photo (I won't put the pic on my blog because it is so vile) however takes the cake. This actually did make me dry heave. Disclaimer, don't click the link until you steel yourself. It's not often anything on the internet shocks me anymore, but this entire photostream did. Creepy! I insisted CG check it out, and I think he'll never be the same. Grossed out to such a higher level.

So, I still don't get it. I think I'll just play Pollyanna and sit here with my toes and keyboard tapping and forget I ever knew of that picture's existance:



Beau said...

Yes, I do quite like your feet.

Sure there are some freaky people out there, but your blog attract some freaks too - Headless Lucy for one. Her freakish behavior isn't about feet in poo, but cloying political spamming.

It's just a fact. You've got pretty feet.


valiens said...

I hope that was green mud...

Anyway, you do have pretty cute feet, as feet go. I'm sure people google feet all the time to get pictures. Feet people are funny like that.

An old friend called me Imelda once. That was before kids. But I'm still a sucker for a great shoe. There's a woman an church we call Gucci lady, even though we know her now, because of her fab shoes.

It's a thing.

Scout's Honor said...


No such luck! It's one of a full series about cow poop. Bleck! She also puts her feet in a lot of other nasty, grimy goo, food, etc. One of my worst nightmares would be to step in dog poop with bare feet, I can imagine going searching for that. {shiver}

By the way, I fixed the link to the photos so it can be properly attributed to her.

Feet Tickler said...

I really like the last one!!!
Lucky man your husband.

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