United States of Motherhood: Migraine

Friday, August 3, 2007


I've been ignoring it all morning. First, the slight pressure. Then my left eye doesn't seem to read right. Then came a few jaggedy lights. Now bursting pain behind my left eye.

Yep, migraine. I've got them about 3-4 times a year since I was a college freshman. The first one left me so incapacitated at a fencing match (in which I was supposed to compete) that I just laid in a fetal ball. People threw coats and equipment bags on me since the light was so excruciating. Ahhh...memories.

So, now, I wait for the onslaught. Just in case, I am eating soup and drinking liquids, hoping it's just a dehydration headache from all the yard work I did yesterday. But, the ziggedy-zaggedy lines in front of my eyes tell me it isn't.

I futilely took Tylenol too. One can hope. Oh course, since they happen so rarely, I never get around to going to the doctor to get me real migraine 'scripts.

So, now I crawl upstairs to lay in a fetal ball. As predictable as clockwork, I'm starting to feel nauseous. Noises heat my cranium like steel spikes. The kids are killing me with their squeals.

Kill me now.

1 comment:

Island Girl said...

Oh no! That bites, migraines are just the worst.

Four times a year is not that rarely! Maybe you should see the doctor?

Hope you feel better soon, or can be knocked out with some uber-powerful narcotics, or... something!

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