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Saturday, October 6, 2007

FED UP! On a Wild Hair..

Late breaking news, people.
This Mommy finally lost it.
I just cut my own hair.
We aren't talking a trim.
I cut a full SIX inches off. Oh. My. God.

Does this ever seem a good idea? I can't even blame drunken cutting. Nope. I woke this morning, having no ideas of where or how I want my hair cut.

It's literally been two years since I've had a professional cut. Yep, baseball hats, ponytails, and braids became my uniform. Yesterday, I realized that my braid to the side was a good 15-17 inched long. I'd like to think it was kinda Anna Kournikova, but it was more unfortunate Crystal Gail-esque. Blek.

Keep tuned.
Not crying yet...


Erik said...

Hmmm. Clearly, you need to post pictures so the blogosphere can judge your actions :)

Amelia said...

Oh Hell. I have done this before, I have a strange magical line stopping me from going to the hairdressers. I don't like to go there.

"So what are you do-ing, to-day-ay?" Getting my hair cut. "Mmm, really? That's nice. What are you do-ing to-oo-night?" Getting out of here, fast.


At least you still have, what, over ten inches left? So you just have to make a straight line. Did you make a straight line?

Beau said...

She did a very good job cutting her hair - I wouldn't dare cut my own and I keep mine military short (maybe the Air Force, but not acceptable for the Army).

But what is really funny are the pictures I took of her taking pictures of her haircut.

I'll get those posted...

Leslie said...

Holy cow, how long was your hair when you started?

When I was a kid, my neighbor and I played Beauty Salon. I had hair down to my butt - you could hardly tell that she cut mine. She, on the other hand, had barely there, very fine, short, blonde hair. I balded the kid. Her mom never liked me after that.

Scout's Honor said...

Erik: Pictures posted. Delay caused by many blue screens of doom and over 4000 fragmented files. Beau saved the day! He's my laptop hero because someone hadn't backed up in a while ....again! Beau keeps pushing Carbonite. Any thoughts?

Amelia: Straight is all in the eye of the beholder. Let's just say I'm okay with a deconstructed, asymetrical style...since I don't have any choice at this point. :)

Beau: Haha! Now you have a military cut. I sheared you baby! (I cut his hair yesterday and realized we were 10 minutes late to swim practice. It became speedy and short: we are talking skin, then a 2 on top. ) Tsk. Tsk. You should really fire your hair stylist.

Leslie: Way too damn long and it grows fast.

Beau said...

No need to fine my hairstylist. Maybe spank. ;)

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