United States of Motherhood: June 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Super Belated Father's Day

So, since my husband is a foodie, I planned an eating fest in Seattle for Father's Day. I went the organic, local, sustainable restaurant vein. We've found it's just as delicious and there again is that reassuring factor that it's a bit better for us and the environment.

First up was Portage Bay Cafe. The original plan was the Coastal Kitchen, but with no reservations and an 1 hour 40 minute wait, we passed. It was the right choice because Portage Bay put us on the list immediately as we drove across town to the University District.

Breakfast was gorgeous. CG had a smoked pear omelet while the kids and I took advantage of the french toast with loaded fresh fruit bar. The picture above doesn't do it justice. Replete, we rolled out of there. Unfortunately, our clumsy with cast seven year old daughter had been so busy with the all you could eat berries that she had sat on so many in her WHITE capris that it looked like...well, you know.

So next stop was the largest Old Navy I have ever been to--CG circled with the boys because of lack of parking while PB and I shopped at this three story Ole Gravy store. It was a shame we were time crunched. Suitable capris (yes it was too difficult to choose just one when they were so cheap) were found and then we were back on track. Li'l Man kept patient and pulled his best "bring it on" 'tude.

Our next stop was the Burke Museum at U.W. We had been wondering where all the dinosaur museums were in Seattle and this hit the spot. Besides, going to a museum has become a tradition for Father's Day for CG. The museum was small, but satisfying in a Seattle gloomy day way. We ended up at the museum cafe for a decent coffee before an early dinner.

Our final stop was The Stumbling Goat Bistro. Yep, food and more food. Somewhere along the way in the last year, my kids have stopped ordering off kids' menus or splitting plates. So dinner went well beyond 2 bills. Yikes! Kids are expensive. The good side was that we ordered just about everything on the menu and so were able to taste every dish. Yep, we had our own family style tasting menu. I love that our kids eat everything. It might be at the expense of our pocketbooks, but it's reassuring to know our kids will and have ordered risotto, morrel mushrooms, and baby turnips. I have friends whose kids curl their lips at carrots, anything but cheese on pizza, fish, etc. Luckily, no problems with picky eaters here.

We started with the asparagus soup which was amazing. The cheese plate was divine and even better is that our kids tried all these unusual, somewhat pungent cheeses with aplomb. Li'l Man, our five year old, ordered a yummy Spring Pea Risotto. PB ordered a penne pasta special with fabulous sausage and tomatoes. I had the Anderson Ranch lamb with morels, baby turnips, and kale that turned out to be all the kids' favorite. CG and CG Replicant stayed safe with Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers with Estrella Family Creamery's Buttery, Sweet Onion Jam, La Ratte Wedges, Black Truffle Aioli and the Roasted Free Range Chicken with Natural Jus and Whole Roasted Garlic. Both were classics that were marvelously executed. Nothing disappointed except the beet salad, but I love beets so I am very discerning.

At first, we were a bit concerned about taking our three kids to a dinner at so elegant of a restaurant, but then we said, who cares. There ended up being one other kidlet there and our kids were very well-behaved. Okay, they blew out two candles, but the service quickly relit them. Overall, they were great because they were in for a treat and they knew it. We ended with--you guessed it--a menagerie of dessert that we all tried. Stand outs were the triple cream cheesecake which was out of this universe. The berry shortcake was simple, but delicious. In fact, all the desserts were delicious and I could write paragraphs, but I'm starting to drool remembering them all.

Overall, despite being your typical rainy Seattle in June day, I think it was a success. Here's a pic of CG and the kids:

Looks pretty successful to me!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Call Me a Cougar

RRAAAWWWRRR... Yep, people, I am officially dating a younger college student. Well, technically, I'm married to him too, but I like to think we keep the romance youthful and alive. I'm sure our couch would agree with all the action it's been getting on Saturday afternoons after cocktails. I know way too much information.

So, it's with great pleasure and a sigh of relief that CG was accepted to the University of Washington's MBA program. As if all the travel weren't enough, now we'll see him even less. Yet, it will all be worth it. Higher education is always a lofty goal, especially when the company pays for half.

So, I'm milking this. I'm older than CG by a year and a half. It's just recently that CG told me the definition of what a cougar is, but I think it's pretty close--minus the "leathery skin. (I prefer the MILF/Stifler's Mom version from American Pie. So I may not qualify as old enough being in my thirties, but here's to this older woman trolling for younger college guys...errr...I guess this cougar has just one dedicated prey in mind.

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