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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Windy Like That: Comment Much?

No,no. Not that kind of windy. Although I'm sure CG will attest I am a champion there as well.

No, I'm talking about being long-winded. In particular, I find myself to be extremely long winded in my comments to other blogs. I often find myself touched or feeling a connection to a blogger and the result is that I write pages to them in the form of a comment.

My question is: Is that kosher?

Do you get annoyed when I, or other windy commenter, leave an essay on your site?

I guess I could email then privately, but I'm not that cool with finding email addresses. Added to that, I've received fabulous comments from people visiting my site that I wished that they'd just posted because they were great comments. To be honest there are days, sometimes weeks, where I spend hours longer writing these comments than actually writing on my own blog.

I know personally I love receiving every comment, good or bad, from you all. I actually like the long ones.

I've also noticed that people often apologize for long comments or refer to "hijacking" the original post.

I guess I'm the opposite. Big surprise there, I know. I always wonder if people who leave three to seven word flippant, vague comments have even read the post?!

Is this how you see it? I'd hate to have been some gauche, poor blog etiquette, windy douchehole this whole time and not know it.

So let me have it! Should I keep it short? Do you get annoyed with long comments on your posts?

If I need to shut the hell up, please tell me:


Dana said...

Shut the hell up! Just kidding ...

You know, I think it really depends on the blog, but I've yet to "see" anyone complain about comments. Quite frankly, I don't even mind the seven word jobs - at least they aren't lurking!

Leighann said...

I think most people appreciate any comment. I particularly like the ones that can actually strike up an interesting conversation or just some friendly banter back and forth.

That being said, I'm a terrible commentor LOL Sometimes I'll think a post is awesome but have absolutely nothing to say about it. So do I go around the web spewing out "Great post!" as my only response?

imhelendt said...

Windy douchehole,
I love the comments that both you and your spouse leave on my blog. In fact, sometimes I'm grinning before I've even read them because I know they're going to be funny. Keep 'em coming.
The crap whore
ps: blogger won't let me log in. used my google account.

Leslie said...

I love comments, any comments! I really enjoy comments that let me know that the reader got it - that they "get" me. It's nice to be heard, er, read, and even nicer to spark a conversation or at least some thought about something.

I don't mind short comments. I used to comment on EVERYTHING I read, just so the writer would know, "Hey, I was here. I read what you wrote. I dug it. I think you should write some more." But lately, I've been commenting less, because I don't want to seem dumb with my seemingly generic little responses ("Great post!" "Too funny!" You are hilarious!") even though they are genuine. On the other hand, my comment numbers have taken a dive and I find myself remembering why even those simple comments count.

The only comments I don't appreciate (other than spam) are the ones where the commenter obviously didn't read. I have one commenter that does it on a regular basis. I've quit visiting his blog, which I am guessing is his real motivation for visiting me anyway - to get the return visit. He just makes me feel all dirty.

Scout's Honor said...

Hey guys, awesome comments.:)

And just to clarify, I am always hungry for comments, hence my rude and crude balls post a while a go. Ha! At least I delurked a few more people. I love even one word comments. Really. Call me a comment whore.

I guess I was speaking to me being the commenter and not wanting to feel guilty for writing too much of which I am surely most guilty.

It's funny, but I think I have written paragraphS long post on all four of you ladies blogs, so you don't seem to mind.

And, I'm glad you guys get my humor, you especially crap whore.

I often wonder if I go too far when I am giggling and have a toothy grin while commenting.

CG always knows when I am writing a wicked comment.

It's all over my face.

Keep the comments coming, my friends. I really appreciate them.

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