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Friday, March 21, 2008

Surprise! Feeling Funnily Flu-ish

So, yep, on Monday, a new disease entered our house. Surprise!

We did not discover until Wednesday that it was Fifth's. It sounds scary?

Turns out it looks scarier:

It seems a certain, not to be named teacher decided to come to school last Friday even though sick. PB said she said to keep their distance from her in the classroom.

Surprise! On Monday, eight, YES I SAID EIGHT, of the 22 children were home from school with the same illness. Arrrgh. PB was number eight. We got the call from the office. We've been getting too many of these calls this year.

By the end of the day, PB had a 105.8 degree fever. Holy shit. We were able to cool her off and control the fever.

The next day came the cough and mysterious rash. Still a low grade fever.

Wednesday, the fever was gone. She wanted to play outside. She was better, but I decided to wait another school day, just so no one else would get the dreaded disease.

After school on Wednesday, I picked up piles of work PB had missed. The teacher handed me a note from the school nurse. Ah, the dreaded disease had a name. Fifth's!

Teacher made funny about how she had all the symptoms on that list last week. Surprise!

No really, I totally forgive her. Sometimes as adults (I know CG in particular is guilty of this), we ignore ourselves and keep plodding on as martyrs. Unfortunately, martyr's are often contagious my friend.

So the nurse's letter said once the rash appears, the victim is no longer contagious and should NOT stay home from school. Great! No longer contagious and we missed two days of school for nothing.

So, we went to swim practice. Certain friends who read this blog made snarky comments about knowing who to blame if their kids got sick. ARrrrgh! She had the rash. She wasn't contagious. The contagious part was over the weekend when she was no where near the pool. I know. She stayed home on the weekend with CG, so I could spend 2 days at a swim meet by myself. Oh joy!

Anyway, three-quarters of the way through the practice, PB started to cry. She felt dizzy. Surprise!

Still contagious? No.

One Hundred Percent well? Apparently no.

Now, she's still a bit weak. Practice went okay yesterday.

Surprise! We have a swim meet this week-end. It's the last short course meet before she ages out. It's a bummer she's not 100 percent. She probably would have kicked ass.

Ah well, she's got years left to swim. There's always long course...

Somehow I am suddenly starting to feel dizzy with the lines of mysterious flu and swim meets our family has in their future. No surprise there.


Dana said...
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Dana said...

Ahhh ... Fifth Disease. Been there, done that! Hope PB is feeling better soon!

Grimm said...

I'm not so sure I would be so forgiving to the teacher for that one. As a teacher you think they would know better, especially if she was feeling bad to begin with...

Here's hoping PB gets to 100% in a hurry!

imhelendt said...

You know what ticks me off about this? Fifth disease is deadly to a fetus. Any pregnant woman exposed could lose the baby. I would be LIVID if I were a pregnant woman at your school. You just never know what you're coming down with. STAY THE EFFIN HELL HOME TEACHER!

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