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Monday, March 10, 2008

These are The Days

It's been a week and it's only Monday.

CG and I in more light-hearted years

First, CG was involved in an accident on the 520 bridge this Friday evening coming back from a UW MBA study session. He was okay and luckily was not assessed much blame. There are no shoulders on the bridge, no paths, no where to park.

Did I mention it was a four car pile-up?

Luckily, not a single passenger was hurt during the collision or while they waited for the police to arrive. But his car whore got screwed up. Yep, the bitch his Mini Cooper S against Jeep SUV equals no contest.

$1500 damage later (with $500 deductible) and a 3-week wait for parts makes CG one sad little husband.

Send him love here.

Then today I took my baby girl Grendel to a new vet. She had a growth exponentially burgeoning on her chest. Did I mention I have had her since college and before any of my children?

Yes, my friends, she was my first baby.

At age 14+, all vets comment on how great she looks for her age. She been less active of late. She's been pestered by skin ailments: cysts, blocked salivary ducts, and now these growths.

Our previous vet has been AWOL for months. Something about sabbatical bullshit.

So, in comes a new, spanking eager, inexperienced vet to his practice. Let's call her Dr. Retarded because that's her name.


Okay, maybe not, but she is retarded.

She spent more time with chest x-rays, commenting on how our dog needed to be groomed (She's shedding like a mo-fo), and pushing for her to be put on incontinence medicine (she's had two accidents in three months--both times on our bed when she was sleeping), liver enzymes (even though her liver labs were still in the normal, but low range), congestive heart medicine (because I mentioned she horked hairballs once a day), hormone therapy for I don't even remember what, medicine for the possible imagined pneumonia, needed general anesthesia for teeth cleaning, and the list goes on and on.

Did I mention it took her 4 hours to get said x-rays and then she felt the need to send out the x-rays to be be read since she doesn't actually read the x-rays?! Isn't that what a vet does?

I swear the vet was a hypochondriac. When I questioned her on her diagnoses' basis, she said she based it on my comments rather than any real medical facts.


I told her we'd pass on her 3 times a day pill-popping push. She seemed pissed. She said she'd would take the medication if it were her dog.

All I could think was a 14 year old dog deserves to live with dignity and not be placed on every possible medication that she most likely does not need. Also, in the deep crevices of my mind, I worried general anesthesia or a drug cocktail would put my general healthy dog into a much more frail condition.

By the way, $500 later with an estimate for another $1500+, we never even got her to look at the before-mentioned growth.

It seems part and parcel of living in our affluent neighborhood (and once again let me remind you we aren't affluent--just California real-estate lucky) that we get charged what is called the Plateau premium. Anything in Renton, Kent, even Bellevue costs double if you have to come up the hill to Sammamish. This includes roof cleaning, carpet cleaning, house painting, anything.

But Hell-o! You'd think with $500 in exams and x-rays she would look at the reason we came to the vet.

Uh, no!

I mentioned on the phone thinking she would want us to rush back. Nah! She wanted more money by telling us to reschedule another day. Not at all concerned with a growth if I wasn't willing to take her word my healthy dog needed to be taking 5-6 drugs, three times a day, for the rest of HER LIFE.

So, we moved to a new vet and await biopsy results.

Cancer was mentioned. Cross your fingers for Grendel.

There's so many more years left in the old girl, as long as she doesn't choke to death on pill-popping because some vet's trying to make a buck.

So, how did I deal with all this? Well, like usual, life gets tough and a girl gets shopping.

No, nothing for me.

CG don't read this: Nope, the danger, as always is the dreaded Costco. Yep, you know it. No shopping list, spur of the moment stop, and all the sudden $450 in crackers, fruit, and meat fall in the back of my truck.

Hey where did this come from?!

Okay, I might have also worked on another weakness. Yep, wine. 10 bottles and $150 does a lot to soothe the nerves. I popped a bottle just before I started this post. Is buying a case of wine, fully intending to drink it as quickly as possible sound like a problem?

Yep, I thought so.

The cab-sauv juices are a flowing. No problems here.

Husband on accident on bridge--only one of my biggest fears in the world is car accidents on bridges over water--no problem-o.

My first canine lurve of my own--my baby-- paired with the big "C" word. I see nothing.

Why? Tonight, my husband is safe. Tonight one of my best canine family members has only what has been diagnosed as a growth. Tonight I won't worry. Tonight I am oblivious.

Because I might be on my third glass now as we speak.

These are the lush days. I think Natalie Merchant is appropriate:

Again, trying to focus on the positive, remember I mentioned California real estate lucky? Well, my friend Debbie just told me our old school had kids playing with real handguns AND our old house is for sale again at $240,000 less than we sold it for 2-1/2 years ago. Yep, feeling lucky and the wine is still helping.

Thanks for the pick-me-up Deb. I now know it could be a lot worse.


Not a Granny said...

I'm so glad hubby is okay! That is one of my greatest fears, bridges and accidents. I've been known to drive extra miles to avoid them.

Sounds like the vet really is out for just the bucks. My vet asked if we wanted to do the "senior" screening on our dog, as he is 11 years old now. We declined because it would have added another $500 to his annual check up bill. He was okay with that (the vet and the dog also, dog hates the vet).

Sending lots of good thoughts your way!!

Dana said...

Well, I am certainly pleased to hear that hubby, Grendel and Costco cost you only $1500! Hey, it could have been worse!

You know what's best about your blog? It makes me homesick (in a good way). Would you be impressed if I told you that I had family on Ames Lake Road and my parents used to live right by Sahalee?? I want to go back to Seattle!

Leighann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leighann said...

I'm glad that your husband is okay!

Spending that much money at Costco would have caused me more worry than a single case of wine could handle!

Scout's Honor said...

Not a Granny: I'm starting to get that way too--except Seattle is all water. At least their bridges are low and not suspended like the Bay Area bridges!

Truly, one of the reasons my kids swim competitively is my fear that we would crash into water. I have only two hands and three kids.

I once saw a car flipped upside, submerged in water, in a culvert, on fire. The doors were wedged shut on the dirt walls of the culvert, so that they couldn't be opened and the windows were under water. I still can't get it out of my mind.

Secondly, my ex-sil crashed late at night in the same area and was stuck in the car, mostly submerged. She suffered massive brain damage.

And yes, the vet was trying to rape me. We had the full senior work up last year. Then this time, she insisted we get the senior screening again. Only $200--sounds like your vet is a rapist too! Nothing had changed except the lower liver function levels, which, when pressed, she admitted were still in the normal range.

Thanks for the good thoughts. They are appreciated. Still waiting for the call from the vet...

Scout's Honor said...

Dana: Uh, $1500 car and $500 Costco. Surgery planned for removal of growths on dog probably $1000 plus. Sigh, it's going to be an expensive month. Hello, my friend, credit card debt. We met again.

Hey, Sahalee's about 5-10 minutes away from us and I know Ames Road. Small world. Very impressed. Sorry you are homesick. Where are you living now?

Leighann: Sorry, I think I misspelled your name on another comment. Yep, you think $500 is bad. Don't click one of those link's on the post that might just say that maybe I spent $1700 in one month at Costco when my husband went on a ton of business trips.

Yep, it probably is an addiction of a lot of ex-Mormons. Squirreling away food in their storage rooms is what is taught. Although I haven't been a practicing Mormon since I was fifteen, I guess old habits die hard when I get stressed.

imhelendt said...

Our dog is covered with huge, fatty tumors. Not malignant, he's had them for years. Our female was OUR first baby, she's turning 16 in September, a long time for a labrador. My heart will break when she dies. Oh and we use the mobile vet around here. Kraft mobile vet http://www.kraftmobilevet.com/ He does the plateau. Prices aren't too bad and he's not a rapist.

Matt-Man said...

Sorry about the car and I hope everything works out for the G-Dog.

Wine does help anything doesn't it? The NM song was a good choice and it refreshing to see someone who is a B-52s fan. Now excuse, I'm off to Planet Claire. Cheers!!

heidianne jackson said...

oh no, not a mini cooper s??!?!?

i have an affair with mine daily - only mine is a him; nigel to be precise.

glad cg is ok, and i'm praying for grendel to be fine, too. please do keep us apprised.

heidianne jackson

Molly said...

Hey beau-guard (ha ha take off on old nickname) little sis here....yes i am a blog stalker. I can never think of any catchy comments so i refrain. anyhoo...I am SO glad that Beau is ok and I am surprised I didn't hear it first on the ever churning gossip ring that is our family. I hope everything is good with Grendel as well. That pic of her is precious and totally shows her lovely spirit in those melting chocolate brown eyes.

love you guys
stay well

Dana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beau said...

There are a lot of great people reading your blog, Scout's H.

Thank you all for your good thoughts for all of us.

Scout's H - I love you. No more to say.

Scout's Honor said...

Helen: Sniffle. I know. I know. I wish Grendel just had fatty tumors. Wow! 16 years id forever for a lab. You must be a good doggy mama.

Matt-man: Yep, call me a wino who loves Planet Claire. cheers right back atcha.

Heidianne: Heidianne, Heidianne. Calling your Mini by name? Ack. You have lost major Scout points.

CG calls his a she (no name that he would admit to) and had my son believing she actually breathed through that front venting. Oh, and she, of course, has the John works package and after-factory racing stripes. Nothing, but the best for his little bitch. :)

Molly: Never, ever is there a need to be clever. I just liek knowing you've been here. Heck, my bs is not so clever either. Just rants and random thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. KEEP COMMENTING! :)

Beau/CG:I love you too, sugar-booger. Hurry home, but not so fast that the bitch hurts you...err...that you crash the Mini.

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