United States of Motherhood: Weather Much? It's Time For The Global-Schnobal Warming Flower Show

Monday, March 31, 2008

Weather Much? It's Time For The Global-Schnobal Warming Flower Show

Ah, doesn't our front yard look springy last week??

Is anyone else having crazy weather out there?

So, I noticed last Friday that my bulbs had sprang up while I was sick...

The cherry blossoms were in bloom. I had hyacinths everywhere. My primroses and violas were happy. Tulips were starting to spring forth. Flowering bushes were...er...flowering. Just in time.

Just in time? Yes, just in time for forecast snow. Yes, snow in Seattle in spring. Do you note the hysteria in my voice?

I took pictures hurriedly before going to the school walkathon in freezing weather. The ice cream being sold there was not a hit. I figured my blooms wouldn't make it either.

No surprise, the snow came.

And came.

Then Saturday, we had sun, then hail, then rain. Then more snow.

On Sunday, the snow was heavy enough that one of those cherry trees came tumbling down and ripped up my lush, green lawn and squished my ice filled, sodden flower bed. Yep, it's underneath that tree. Sigh.

Does anyone else think cherry blossoms and snow is blasphemy?

After much maneuvering with tow ropes, cinch downs, mallets, and anchors we got the tree up again.

My lawn, my pride, is all tore up, but there wasn't much I could do. Now the OCD in me rankles every time I look outside and see the fluorescent yellow and red ropes keeping the tree up. They aren't even symmetrical.

Then yesterday, the snow melted. The flowers look bedraggled, but alive. All was swell.

Then last night came hail storms, thunderous lightening, and...

You guessed it! More snow.

What the fuck, Batman. Today is April Fools. I am feeling like a fool for spending all that time and money on flowers that are doomed. I keep waiting for someone to say the joke is over and Spring is finally freakin' here.

Nope, now it's foggy with a side of ice.

Ah, perfect weather to host a bunch of rambunctious six year old boys. Yeah being housebound with four kindergarten boys. Made we'll have a flood next?!

Let's leave it with God has a sick sense of humor and I like 80's flashbacks:

Or, maybe I should blame a darker power, eh? Yes, it's the malevolent one, that black horse, and those damn cherry trees that have foresaken me:

Call it global warming, call it whatever. All I know is something is in the air when I am snuggling in front of the fire in April in Seattle.


Kandace said...


Spring needs to tell Winter to get the hell out of here, seriously.

Your poor cherry blossom.

Ferbit said...

We have three of those in our yard too and one of them fell over after the snow the other day. It was a really huge one, full of blossoms and took three guys to hoist it upright again. It too is staked in place - so lovely. The other two didn't fall over, but several large branches broke and are hanging down towards our driveway. EEEK!

Crazy weather!!!!!

Dana said...

Well, I have blossom envy ...

Here in Chicago, the trees haven't even budded, let alone bloomed. And you were looking for compassion??

Scout's Honor said...

So, I just saw a news story on Kiro % News that said a ton of cherry trees and flowering plums went down in Sammamish. And here I thought God was just punishing me.

Cue Carly Simon music: I'm so vain I probably think this snow storm is about me.

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