United States of Motherhood: Comments Speak Volumes Pt.#4

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Comments Speak Volumes Pt.#4

So, you know the schpeal:

Yes, my friends.

I entice you to stalk me as I make my windy comments across the country.

Come meet my favorite blogs. Read what I read. Then read my reaction.

Today, I will stand on the premise that comments speak volumes.

Are you guys still here?

Okay, in come some more comments I've made. Whew! I keep reading and commenting. Reading and commenting. People have been writing some good stuff.

I think these will be the last comments of the night so I decided I should do some shoutouts to some Seattle locals:

Let the Dog In on Flowering Attitude and my comment: " My husband did a Mini rally there with the kids last spring during the festival–but we can only fit four of us in a Mini–and there are five. Sigh. I stayed home...Driving around in circles in a Mini isn’t my idea of fun anyway..."

I Forgot Where I Was Going With This on http://imhelendt.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/holy/ and my comment: "Try having the kids swim in the snow the week after we took off the bubble and then take team pictures while still in wet swimming suits? Lots of crankiness and shivering..."

So stalk away, my friends. Stalk awaaaaaay....

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