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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dirty Jokes Are Not For Mothers

My eleven year old came home with a dirty joke from swim practice.

So, obviously, he feels comfortable that he can tell us anything, and he decided to share his joke with us. You can read all the details on CG's blog.

In short, I don't think he got it. He knew it was funny, but didn't get that the punchline:

"That wasn't my belly button," and "Well, that wasn't my finger, " referred to body parts.

I think he must have laughed along in the locker room--clue-less! I'm sure lots of the boys laughed along clueless because men, no matter the age, are lemmings.

I found myself explaining that the finger might refer to another body part, similarly shaped.

Suddenly, his face was like an open book. Realization dawned. His face was bright red. "Ohhh!"

He's so naive at times. It's cute.

But! We need to work on him NOT telling dirty, locker rooms to his mother, yes?

It's just not right. Right?


Michael M. said...

"Men of all ages are lemmings?"

Hardly. We just have a refined - and apparently advanced - sense of humor. :)

imhelendt said...

OH GAAWWDDDD. Tell me I am not just a single year away from this. TELL ME!!!!!!!!!

heidianne jackson said...

it's a credit to your relationship that he thinks he can tell you anything. my son is 18 and delights in telling me jokes that will make me blush. but at least he's still talking to me...

heidianne jackson

Kandace said...

LMAO! I think he may be scared for life.

It's great that you have such an open relationship with him, though.

I am still naive sometimes and a little slow to catch on. My husband will always be, 'wait for it', 5 seconds later I'm, 'ewwwwww'.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think it's wonderful that he tells you! I would love a relationship like that with my mom.

And the funny thing is, I remember exactly TWO jokes. That is one of them!

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