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Friday, April 18, 2008

Holly Hobby Much?

Does anyone else see PB's striking resemblance to Holly Hobby:

PB's third grade curriculum includes simulating a pioneer school house including dressing up in authentic pioneer garb. We were given the option of purchasing a bonnet from a teacher's Mom who makes them as a hobby.

Bah! I said two months ago.

In the spirit up Mommy one-upmomship and visions of bonding while stitching with my daughter, I planned an ambitious project. Nope, church dresses and bonnets wouldn't cut it.

I purchased the pattern and the fabric for a pioneer dress and two different pinafores and bonnets. I held back buying fabric for a second dress.

Then that fabric sat and sat.

PB begged to get it started, but I procrastinated through out all spring break knowing it was needed the Monday after spring break.

So guess who was up until 3:45 AM that Monday morning sewing?

Yep, I started the actual sewing on Sunday afternoon. PB got to do some cutting and some sewing, but I soon realized the pattern was not the usual easy Halloween pattern. She didn't get much more opportunities after that. I could barely keep up.

Did I mention I learned to sew at 25? And that I'm not all that when it comes to sewing? And reading a pattern is worse than assembling furniture? It literally makes me cross-eyed and very cranky of attitude.

So, at 1:30 AM there I sat watching a Youtube video on how to make a button-hole with really terrible elevator music in the background. Yep, I bought buttons, but never thought to figure out until the day the dress was needed on how to make those damn button holes.

Funny, I'm always harping on the kids to get projects done very early. As in the first week-end assigned. Not optional. Get it done.

So ironic that I was the procrastinator on my Mommy homework I made for myself.

Eldest actually seemed shocked that the dress was due the next day and said such wise words full of censure at the same time, "Ummmm...Mom, don't you think you should have started this project much sooner?"

Umm, you think? Duh!

So, the dress was finished and we had a bonnet. No pinafores on Monday, but we found an apron that worked.

And today, TODAY, I finally finished one pinafore:

Only 1 week to go of her "Apple Valley Pioneer School" and one pinafore and two bonnets to go.

CG keeps saying give it up. No need to stress about it.

Nope, even if it's the last day of school, I will finish this project.


Why I do this I don't know.

Maybe for a smile like this:

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