United States of Motherhood: Nutcracking, Guns, Religion, Chocolate Covered Beef Burritos, & Of Course, Politics

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nutcracking, Guns, Religion, Chocolate Covered Beef Burritos, & Of Course, Politics

Avitable has a cool contest for one of these:

Cool, eh? I know you want one. Actually, as Democratic nominees go, I'm warming on her. I've said in the past that, "I would rather cut off my pinkies with dull kitchen shears and eat raw chicken than vote for her. "

Now with Obama's bullshit comment on guns and religion, I think he's too much of an asshole to ever hold office. I left a comment on the Seattle PI's Strange Bedfellows Blog that sums it all up:

"ohhhh, whatever. Did you see the nasty comments at the
Democratic debate the other night? McCain doesn't need to sink in their mud.
They are so busy slinging mud, innuendo, and lies at each other, they are
letting the election slip through their grasp.

I used to respect Obama, but his guns and religion comment was
elitest and showed a complete lack of sensitivity, reason, and judgment. Yes,
they all are elitest, but he has the poor judgment to make that drivel come out
of his mouth in public. Furthermore, he was right that Hillary also has had
verbal diarrhea with her stand by my man/making cookies ridiculousness in the

Yes, it's been said McCain has a temper, but at least he
has the reason to let his enemies kill themselves slowly with soundbites as his
percentages continue to rise.

It comes down to who do you think can run the country? Who do
you trust with this war? I don't think the guns and religions crap will go over
to well in the Middle East either. Nor will a crybaby, teary eyed

McCain's my man.

Scout's Honor
Blogging on the Sammamish Plateau Since 2006"

So now maybe it's "I'd rather cut off my pinkies with SHARP kitchen shears and eat slightly pink chicken than vote for her."

However, for a nutcracker like that, I might do more...just saying if a cool dude named Avitable little birdy that likes chocolate-syrup covered microwaved beef and cheese burritos had an extra lying about, this Republican would be ever so grateful.

I suck at contests that don't involve tying cherry stems into knots or playing dominatrix with one's marital unit. Contests remind me of college finals and 11 years later, I still have nightmares.

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