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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sisterhood: Comments Speak Volumes

Moosh in Indy wrote a poignant photo-essay style post about sisters. It made me sniffle a bit my sisters are not close by, but more than that it made me tear up for PB. I've posted my comment:

I grew up in a family of five girls and one boy. While my brother and I tolerated each other, I loved my sisters.

They protected me. They did my hair way better than my mom. We went to movies. We shared secrets. We gossiped.

Today, we still do a lot of those things even though we are states apart.

So, what's the problem? My princess has two brothers-no sisters. She will never know that bond of sisterhood. It's likely she will have closer girlfriends because she won't have her sisters backing her. Still, no sisters.

It makes me so sad. There are days where in la-la land, I've shopped on-line adoption pages looking for a sister. I've had dreams where she is from India or Pakistan. Where I can be a hero to both girls.

Then I think, who am I kidding. My husband wanted two children. I got lucky his vasectomy failed, so we got our third miracle baby. Three is all he can handle. But then, he also said that once when we only had one child.

Dreaming of Sisters...

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bliss said...

I grew up knowing I had a sister or sisters somewhere...

My momma only had me and my dad had other children elsewhere.

But my momma and I spent some time living at my grandma's with her two sisters. One of my aunties had a daughter three years younger than me.

My cousin became my substitute sister. We were close until she began dating and got secretive and sneaky on me. LOL

I didn't connect with my own sister until my late 20s. We kept in touch for a while then personal issues crept in and we lost touch.

Now we're in touch again and we live a lot closer to each other but vast differences in life styles is a real bummer.

Still, she's my baby sister and I love her no matter what.

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