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Friday, April 4, 2008

Spread The Word, My Friend



Christ! Can you pay attention here?


Ok, paying attention? Good. I have a announcement of sorts.


I am officially a paid blogger. Gah!

I got my first official paycheck after blogging ...em....er...478 days and who knows how many posts. Errrr... Actually, you do, right? You know when you go check out my archives on the right column and you click on them? Click on lots of them. Good. I'm glad we've got that straight.

So, with my windfall, my first paycheck since before I had Eldest (that's almost a dozen years)I've decided, coupons willing, to take the family out to dinner. ON MY DIME!

People, tonight it's Chipotle. And, it's on me.

You know it would be nice to do this more than once every 478 days. Sooooo, if you feel like blogrolling me, twittering about me, passing on my url to a friend, you know spreading the word about this crazy bitch that serves carrot cake as a vegetable, I'd be pretty freaking grateful. I don't need to be Dooce. Nope, a burrito and a smile makes me happy.

And guys? Thanks for visiting. Really.


Beau said...

Its just the gas after the burrito that makes you smile.

And me gag.

Congrats on your paycheck. I'll be giving my notice on Monday.

Dana said...

See? I find you and you start getting paid *giggle* Pretty soon you'll get a big old swollen head, have 157 commenters on each post, and I'll just become one of the numbers ... CONGRATULATIONS!

Kandace said...


Congrats on your first pay check.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...


I like to take my family out to eat on my dime every now and then too.

Leslie said...

Yay! Congratulations!!!

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