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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yes, I Went There...

I, my friends, have discovered a carb I do not like.


I know, I know. How is this possible? Say it isn't so? This indeed is shocking news.

Let's have some background. So, this flu has been a great diet of champions for me. I've lost 6.5 lbs. as of today.

Nice, right?

So, I decided I could afford me some carbs for breakfast. I had a huge hunk of green enchiladas with chicken, pepperjack, and sweet corn from last night. Nope, not enough carb for me.

The urge for toast with dripping butter and golden sweet clover honey overcame me.

But! All that we had was sourdough.

Yes, I went there.

And friends, sourdough with honey?

REALLY not satisfying. Sigh. REALLY gross.

What a waste of good calories.

But ho there! Wait! That's okay, I am due to have explosive diarrhea in about 4 minutes from now. So soon it will be but a memory swishing in the maelstrom of my porcelain throne.

Don't try this at home, folks.


Zuper Zee said...

yep too late. went there a few months back. who knew sourdough and honey do not like each other at all?

carrie said...

Oh No!

Erik said...

Its all about layers - or, in the immortal words of The Offpring, you gotta keep em separated!
toasted sourdough, thin layer of peanut butter, then the honey. That's a combo that works...

Wack-a-do said...

Oh boy! I'm feeling your pain sister. Enchiladas for breakfast? YOU ARE MY HERO. By the way, I've just tuned into your blog and your children are gorgeous. Stunning.

imhelendt said...

You made me snort. lol.

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