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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Carb Loading: Another Slice of Self-Denial Coming Right'atcha

Li'l Man asked for another piece bread.

No, not "that" bread or "this" bread. No, he wanted the bread he ate with ice cream and fresh berries yesterday.

Yep, my friends, pound cake.

So, my question is: If it comes in the form of a loaf, it caaaaan be bread too, right?


He and I both had another slice of "bread."

Update: Nary did I write this blog and my Eldest asked if he could have a muffin? Muffin? What muffins? It came out was what he meant were those huuuge cupcakes with frosting from Costco. Hmmmm....Costco muffins or cupcakes--probably both as bad. Not calling a spade a spade is worse.


Beau said...

What about the glass of water, with a splash of lemon, lime or cucumber I offered you today?

Somehow it turned into a Bailey's on ice!

I wonder where they get it from.

Note: the previous sentence ends with a period, not a question mark, so though it is phrased like a question, it is not. I know the answer!

Wendy said...

Love that bread! It's all about the labels!

Scout's Honor said...

CG/Beau: Yep, I know where they get it from as a poli sci student. Yes, I can spin it baby. And thanks for the Bailey's & Ice. :)

Wendy: Yep, spinning away. That bread's divine. We finally had the rets of it last night for dessert with whipped cream and blueberries. Yummy bread.

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