United States of Motherhood: Eh? Eh? Only Sorta Deaf

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eh? Eh? Only Sorta Deaf

I sit here complaining about cramps. Moaning really.

CG asks, "Do you want some Gwar?"

What? Dude, no I don't need some angst metal band from the 80's because no matter how much you like them, music won't make muscle contractions go away. My brows scowl and I start to think he's taking my pain lightly. Pissy was the word.

"Do I NEED some Gwar?" I ponder aloud about to expound on compassion to my husband...

I hear his office chair spin around and he looks at me with laughter.

"No, I said, do you need some water."

Oops. "Ummm sure."

Have I mentioned my hearing loss? Yes, I have the misfortune of having been diagnosed with hearing losses at certain frequencies that happen to correspond with vowels. So imagine hearing everything through ear muffs. I hear consonances, but no vowels. Sometime my mind gets creative with the empty spaces.

A few minutes later, CG announces that he, " Has to pee. "

Several times.

I finally ask why he keeps telling me that.

His answer was that he was hoping that I would hear, "I would like some tea," and get him some.

Yeah, make fun of the deaf girl, dude. Real cute.

Ok. I laughed. Heh! Gwar still sux though.


Beau said...

Gwar rocks!

Kristen M. said...

I just came over after reading your interview on Seattle Mom Blogs and this was the first post I read. God. I hope we never meet because I mishear EVERYTHING! ;)
Okay, so we can meet but we should have some sort of "helping ears" person handy!

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