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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Husband's Blinking Spoon Collection

Like I mentioned in my last post, espresso is my husband's crack.



Need proof?

He has a Mini Cooper (another blasted obsession of CG's) espresso cup...as well as green cups, black cups, glass cups, and Van Gogh cups. I feel like Dr. Suess writing about CG's cups because he has short cups, tall, cups, skinny cups, and polka dotted cups. Okay. I lie. No polka dotted cups. But still...

So CG wrote a post about his espresso cups collection recently:

Never too many cups

"You already know, I enjoy espresso. But you don't know, that I also like collecting demi tasses. A few weeks ago, Heather made some snarky comment about how many I had, so I figured that I would make a photo collection.

Yep, I'm like an old lady with a spoon collection, a japanese teen age girl with Hello Kitty thingys.I've got a collection of espresso cups. I try to rotate through them, but there are a few that I like a lot, like my MINI cup, my stainless ones, my red one and the stackable one (though I only have one of them).Do you have any collections, strange or otherwise?"

What CG forgot to write is what is included in my comment:

"Scout's Honor said... This is an outrageous misrepresentation of the facts, my friends. What he does NOT tell you is that has multiple, multiples of many of these cups with saucers. I am tempted to take a picture of them altogether because he's the only one that uses them and really, how many espresso cups does one mere computer geek need?! It's like an old lady's compulsive collection of spoons or cats. So wrong--even for a metrosexual. And it flares my OCD that they don't match. Gah! Eyebrow twitching. Twitch."

So my friends, how many are too many? Look at his flickr set on his cups and these don't include those multiples I mentioned.

Does your husband have a collection? How do you deal?

If this was a collection that was housed in the garage it would be one thing. However, these cups take up an entire blinkin' drawer and some portion of a cabinet alone in my kitchen.


Beau said...

I could have a collection of vintage playboy magazines...

Then there would be fewer zits...

But what would I drink?

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I would be glad if my dh collected things that he USED...but he seems to just need to have to have stuff. Camping gear, woodworking tools, crappy cheap mugs...you name it, he has to have it, and the cheaper the more of them we need to have...ugh...give me some little cups anyday.

carrie said...


F*cking backpacks.

Drives me batty.

JamaGenie said...

Yep, just like an old lady's spoon collection. (Psst. Beau. That collection ROCKS!) ;D

Beau said...

Jama - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Honestly I feel somewhat jealous. I love all those cups.

Beau said...


And whats really great is that they hold espresso, which further facilitates my habit!

Stefanie said...

I, too, am a fanatic for good espresso. (Yes, despite my health health health persona! It has to be really good espresso, though, not just any schlock)

And the cups. Could you add some pictures, please? I have forced myself to stop buying them, so I have to get a visual vicarious fix somehow.

Beau said...


There are pictures on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/beauraines/sets/72157606284710843/



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