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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Next Wife

CG kindly asked if I wanted a glass of water the other day. He suggested a "twist of lemon or lime or cucumber water or Torani syrup?" Yep, metrosexual. See my last post.

"What? What's that you say?" I called wickedly. "You want to get me a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream on ice? Yes, please."

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Yes, I'm sure his next wife won't be an alki:

To my credit, it was a hot summer night in this pic and CG's the one that made me a triple lemon drop so big I had to slurp it from the counter.

And, yes, he had an ulterior motive and was trying to get lucky.

And, no, he didn't succeed because a triple Lemon Drop was one shot too many and I fell asleep soon after dinner.


Ann(ie) said...

hehe. We would all get along SO VERY WELL!!! ;)

Scout's Honor said...

Let's get our cocktails on, baby! :) it's all about priorities.

carrie said...

Oh yes, I am a victim of the one too many lemon drops as well -- although I must admit, I admire your form! :)

Scout's Honor said...

Carrie: Thanks. I've been practicing. It should be an olympic sport, my friend. We could go for gold like those beach volleyball players, eh?

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