United States of Motherhood: Scout says join Blobher-licious!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Scout says join Blobher-licious!

I am making a public pledge to join the Fatties Mcwanting to go to Blogher '09 Club. You too?

Okay, Blobher rolls off the tongue much better:

For those you who don't blog, Blogher is where all the cool blogging wimmens go to have cheeseburger parties, slosh drinks on $1000 shoes parties, and get NAKED in bath houses in S.F. and be taken serious about Mommy blogging and the such while acting all high school and forming cliques and raving/ranting about their experience on their blogs.

Yep, they had me at cheeseburgers and drinks. Sigh.

But I want to go looking like I don't eat cheeseburgers and drink Martinis like the one I'm drinking at 3:50 in the afternoon while waiting for classroom teachers to be announced on-line at exactly 4 PM.

This starts in like 10 days. I need to get my drinks on now!

You wanna join me? Go here.
Update: So Karly at Wiping up Snot--who co-founded this cool club with Mrs. Schmitty--just emailed me to say it's BLUB-her not BLOB-her. Heh! Heh! Dooode, I'm drunk blogging and can't stop laughing about that. You say Blubher and I say Blobher, You say tomat-toe and I say tomat-tow. Heh! Come on. You know you want to join.


Beau said...

No more martinis for you on Friday night!

Beau said...

Oh, yeah, and I'm all about you frolicking with other naked ladies!

Maybe you need more martinis!

Karly said...

Someone needs to cut you off! LOL! I plan on doing a bit of drinkin' this weekend. Vodka. Yum!

Scout's Honor said...

Beau: Considering you're the enabler that suggested and made me those two dirty martinis and drnak along with you, I hardly think you can cut me off. Ah, yes, your second comment is more in keeping with my lech of a husband.

Karly: Yep, vodka, yum. Dirty vodka martinis--even more yum!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

OMG! I just re-read this. I tried to last night while I had MY drunk on. Your red background hurt my head, no it was probably the bottle of wine, but I couldn't read it!! I totally missed that you said BlobHer, though that is just as funny as BlubHer!!

Hope you're going to join us!!

carrie said...

You know why your husband gave you those martinis, right?

And yeah, I could totally stand to lose some mama chub as well.

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