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Monday, August 18, 2008

You Know You Have a Problem When...

Today was supposed to be the first day of pre-season swimming. I was not sad at all when I got the email it was cancelled for pool troubles. Yee ha! More time to catch up on Google Reader.

People I started out at 1000+ posts and I am down to 28. 28! I am a farking blog reading olympian. Give my butt a gold medal, beotch.

And that's not to say there weren't injuries on the way. Did you watch the olympic gymnastics where the girls would ice down after their events were over? What about softball and volleyball with those huge ice packs taped to their shoulders?

Yep, that was me. The burns from my overheated laptop were killing me as I scrolled and neglected my kids commented hour after hour. Yesterday, I shit you not, I put two re-usable gel ice packs on my thighs underneath my overheating laptop.

Geez! The pain we go through being bloggers. There's nothing I won't do for my sport.


carrie said...

Seriously, you SHOULD be getting a medal for all that reading. Phenomenal! :)

Scout's Honor said...

Thank you. Thak you. doing my back arched olympic bow.

Oh, crap, my back, my back.

Shi-zu my left butt cheek is asleep.

Oh, noes.


My hip. My hip.

Reading blogs on unsupportive couch is hard work.

imhelendt said...

Blog reading Olympian, my ass. I've got 3,930 entries to read. Tackle that. I dare ya. ;P

Scout's Honor said...

Helen: Damn! Girl. How many blogs do you subscribe to?

I think I was at worse 1400 post behind. I kept tagging blogs thinking I would come back and comment and then said it's never going to happen.

Then I just started reading for enjoyment. Much easier that reading and trying to comment on every one. But thanks for commenting on mine, my friend. :)

imhelendt said...

I get so far behind because I just keep going back to ones I love and skipping the ones I've got in there because they visited me. Sigh. I only subscribe to 86.

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