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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Most Delicious

We've been trying to eat more healthy around the Scouty household. We shopped for two weeks of menus of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that include a huge variety of fruit, veggies, fish, whole grains, and low-fat meals from Cooking Light. No more eating out.

Three days in, so far, so good.

Today's breakfast menu was strawberry-banana smoothies and whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey.

It was a bit rushed today because I had an early morning call from a friend and also was watching another friend's two kids at 7:30 AM on. So I gave Eldest the task of making smoothies. I rattled off the recipe for one serving off the top of my head:

5 Strawberries
1 Banana
1/2 cup Milk
Handful of ice

Blend well and add straw.

Easy, yes? Eldest performed it like a champ and even made separate portions for his little brother and sister. So very helpful. Then as I chatted away, he helped make lunch off today's menu:

Whole wheat turkey and pepper jack sandwiches with avocado, onion, & tomatoes
Fresh grapefruit cups
Cherry tomatoes
Broccoli florets
A tiny container of lite Ranch dressing
Organic chocolate milk box

Sounds healthy, right? So, during lunch prep, Eldest offered me a sip of his smoothie.

O. My. GAWD. It was delicious. Seriously. I gushed over what a great job he'd done and I really, really meant it. I kept thinking we should make smoothies more often. Eldest said he'd made one change. He used the coffee cream. Wow! Who knew non-fat half-n-half could make a smoothie taste so great.

So the kids went off to school and it wasn't until noon that I had my first cup of coffee. Why noon? My trusty husband who makes me coffee every morning was off getting his Mini serviced.

So noon it was when the caffeine headache kicked in. I opened the frig and immediately see the other container of cream was open.

Nope, my friends, it wasn't non-fat half-n-half.


Um, duh! Delicious? I was drinking a milkshake not a smoothie.


So much for being healthy and nutritious. I guess today was blown when my kids had milkshakes for breakfast. Heh!

**Blognotes: Many thanks for the Flickr pic from by Ereine.


carrie said...

Doh! Well, at least it wasn't *your* fault!

And I am so w/ya . . . I had an extra kid here at 7:15 . . . with no coffee. I took a nap later, for reals. I can't remember the last time I did that!

ps -it was heavenly!

Amelia said...

Even without the cream your menu sounds delicious. Oh pretty please post the whole two weeks' worth and I'll copy you.

I need someone to tell me what to buy and then what to make. Martha Stewart I am not but I respond well to instructions. :D

Scout's Honor said...

Carrie: So jealous of your nap. I went to bed early instead-- 9:30 because I was so hellaciously mad at my husband that I couldn't even look at him.

Amelia: Here you go:

Dinner menus:

sun grilled salmon with fresh lemon slices, mashed garlic potatoes, roasted root vegetables with walnut pesto

mon Cheese enchiladas-doubled, salad, refried beans with fresh salsa

tues cornflake crusted hailbut over chile aioli, cabbage & carrot coleslaw

wed roasted butternut rosemary squash lasagna, garlic bread, salad

thu lemon cajun salmon, steamed broccoli, wild rice

fri Beef Ale Stew, crusty bread

sat king ranch chicken casserole, peas with dill, corn, green beans

sun marinated pork loin, carmelized apples, peas, garlic mashed red potatoes

Mon Enhanced turkey Chili with extra ground turkey and black beans added, cornbread, fruit salad for dessert

Tue edamame, chicken stir fry with peppers, celery, carrots, onions, cilantro,almonds, peas, steamed coconut rice in cooker

Wed vodka sauce, paperdelle pasta--mixed sprouted wheat & lemon pepper from Trader Joes, grilled green beans with carmelized garlic

Breakfast Menus:

mon oatmeal, banana, cranberry juice, water

tue bagel, cream cheese, berries, milk, water

wed yogurt, PB & Honey toast, strawberry banana smoothie

thu cold cereal, fresh blueberries, banana, juice, water

fri scrambled eggs with salsa, toast, bacon, juice, milk

sat oatmeal, banana, cranberry juice, water

sun beau breakfast: french toast, fruit, juice,

mon peaches, Cottage cheese, hot chocolate

tue grapefruit cup, toast with jam, yogurt

Wed scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, juice, milk

thu cold cereal, left over fruit, juice

Lunch Menu

mon tuna fish sandwich (celery,pecans), bean, pepper, salsa, cilantro & corn salad, grapes, chocloate milk, water

tue yougurt, peanut butter/jelly sandwich, carrots, orange slices, water, chocolate milk

wed turkey sandwhich with avocado, broccoli w/ ranch, baby tomatoes, berries, water

thu turkey wrap (turkey, cream cheese, tomato, onion), carrots, apple, cheese stick, crackers, water

fri chili in mug, cheese stick, crackers, orange slices, water

sat macaroni & Cheese, peppers, ranch, tomatoes, broccoli

sun celery, peppers, hummus, soup, bread, salad, homemade lemonade

mon left overs, peanut butter celery, chocolate milk/water

tue Cheese sandwich, apple, tomato soup in mug, fruit cup, water

wed nutella sandwich, grapes, soup in mug, graham crackers, dried fruit

thu bagel sandwich, leftovers, fruit cups

Snacks After School

mon nutella sandwich or bagel/cream cheese

tue homemade banana bread

wed air popped popcorn, yogurt

thu leftover salmon on crackers

fri mapled/brown-sugared candies/sweetened pecans and walnuts, homemade bread

sat fruits, veggies, hummus

sun chips, salsa

mon cornbread, cheese cubes

tue tuna, crackers

wed homemade carrot muffins

You asked! Heh! Here are the urls to some of the recipes:




A lot of them are old standbys I know from heart. We also added cubed pancetta to the roasted butternut lasagna since CG hates the idea of vegetarian lasagna.

Questions? So not so Martha Stewart. I was looking for more veggie, fruits, and variety, but not a lot of high maintenance cooking since most nights I am home between 7:45-8 PM. Lots of this stuff can be prepped beforehand.

Good luck!

I can add our crazy grocery list too. $550 at Costco and $200 at QFC (local market). Of course, we purchased in much higher quantities since often my three competitive swimmers eat more than CG and I do. Seconds and thirds almost always. That's what you get for kids that swim six days a week 2 hours a day. Calories in and calories out.

Amelia said...

Oh thank you! Thanks so much, that's awesome. I will come back and copy and paste it tomorrow (Bean is screaming). It looks great!

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