United States of Motherhood: So Soon We Forget...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Soon We Forget...

Honestly, a part of me wants to forget what today's date means. It so hurts my heart.

I remember very clearly where I was when it happened. We had gotten out of the Army a mere year before. My husband went from a job where he blew things up to being part of one the world's largest ice cream companies.

We were back in California after four long years away from family when stationed in Alaska. I had a kindergartner and was breastfeeding my daughter. I had not yet received the paperwork from my honorary discharge.

Life was good. We were living the American dream in our first home purchased. We knew where we were going.

In one instant, my confidence was shaken. I got the call from CG at work. Turn on the T.V. Now! I watched in shock and tears as those towers came down. Parents rushed to the school to pick up their kindergartners. Who knew what would come next...

What was most shattering were the thoughts and fear for my children's future. The United States always had felt like a safe place. Isolated from terrorism and tube bombings. Isolated from the IRA. From holy wars and jihad.

That day, but for a moment, I lost confidence.

Then we fought back.

Some of us now feel ashamed for this war that has resulted.

Never have I.

I feel we fight for our children. For our safety. For our ideals. For children both here and in Afganistan and Iraq. For their futures free of fear, denigration, and terror.

Those terrorists made a big mistake and we will never let them forget it.

Now, I worry we will be the one making the mistake come this election. We will vote for our pocketbook. We will forget to vote for our safety, our freedom, and our future. We must finish what we started.

For the year after 9/11, we were so united and so strong. Today, we are a battered giant. We can withstand international criticism, but can we withstand the self-doubt within?

My friends, my confidence is once again on tremulous ground. I feel we must choose wisdom and experience over ideas and pretty words.

Let's continue to fight in the name of those lives lost in 9/11 and on the battlefield. Let's fight in the name of those brave souls that took on the terrorists in the cockpit. Let's fight for that confidence shattered.

Let's roll, my friends, let's roll...


Amelia said...

It is a war of ideals, you are so right. And I have been thinking, that's why so many Gen X-ers have become angry and (in my mind) confused and lost. They feel that the ideas they were raised with (peace is good, war is bad), their core, has been challenged. They take the current foreign policy of their country as a denigration of their identity, their ego almost. Everything they stand for has been attacked. They are - embarrassed. They feel irrelevant?

I still think they are wrong. That denigration happened much earlier, on 9/11. The world changed that day and it was the right thing for us to change with it.

heidianne jackson said...

voting for the continuance of our safety is not voting against our pocketbooks. nothing could be further from the truth.

as for amelia's comments - since when did we, as american's, stand for peace and against war? how can someone stand for peace? it's a pretty thought but impossible to implement - being for peace only works if you can guarantee that all humans are as you are.

it's good to hope for peace. to pray for peace. it's important to know that you must always be ready to fight and not be peaceful if the need arises.

Shana said...

It's hard to believe it's been seven years. I too miss the tremendous amount of patriotism and national pride that came up after the attacks. Today, I saw a man, just one, standing on an overpass above the freeway as I was driving to the doctor. He was alone, holding up a large American flag. I honked as I drove under him, to let him know that I appreciated his small act. An hour and a half later, on my way home, he was still there. I honked even longer.
He was the only one I saw that publicly made note of the day...

Amelia said...

Uh Heidianne, I think you misunderstood me. We agree m'dear.

I am interested in why so many disagree - those were my thoughts on that.

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