United States of Motherhood: Accident Prone Again or Bad Karma or Genetic Common Sense Deficiency?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Accident Prone Again or Bad Karma or Genetic Common Sense Deficiency?

My kids are accident prone. Luckily, they tend to be accident prone when we as parents are not around...heh!

Testament to our protective parenting or defense from Child Protective Services? Both.

So the latest was when my 12 year old decided to kick an eight pound medicine ball like it was a soccer ball at swim practice two weeks ago. Um, ouch? Maybe common sense might be lacking as well? They come by it honestly from CG's side of the family.

So he kept complaining it hurt and my response for the last two weeks was, "Duh, you won't do that again."

So he said it hurt, but continued school and swim practice and he seemed fine to wiggle crazily around on his Ripstik skate board. He only mentioned it hurt when it came to swim practice, so I was a bit skeptical.

Then he had this big meet coming up. 1650 meters. Yes, 66 lengths my friend. An approximately 20 minute race. Suddenly, it became much more painful especially in the arch when he wore shoes which he leaves untied. Uh, right! common sense?

Sick of it, I made an appointment to dispel his whines once and for all.

They x-rayed and the doctor saw nothing. She diagnosed it as a pulled ligament, gave us a boot for weight-bearing activity and said swimming was alright as long as it "didn't hurt." I glared at Eldest to prevent any malingering.

The next day, he wore the boot at school and then swam that 1650. It was the first time he swam it and got a PNS time and a 1/2 second off from a sectional time. Woot! His coaches were excited to find a new event at which he excelled. We were excited to see how he would do next time without the "pulled ligament."

So imagine my surprise when I get an urgent call from the pediatrician. It seems they had a radiologist double check and they had found a break. Not in the arch/mid foot area where the pain was, but the big toe. Unfortunately, it's in a complicated area of the toe--the joint of the toe--and he needs to be seen soon by a orthopedist.

WTF!WTF!WTF!WTF!WTF!WTF!WTF! Can we say dejavu? Remember the last time I thought he was fine and I wrote this in August 2007:

"So, to add insult to injury, a certain Mom to remain nameless thought Eldest might have been exaggerating his injury and had him swim an excruciating 200 IM and 100 Back before he got out of the pool in tears at the Seattle Age Group Open. So, let's just assume this Mom feels very, very, very guilty. This seems to be a constant state in her life. Oh, the guilt. This is certainly a weakness to allow Eldest to work it."

Yep, he had a broken wrist then.

Okay, this is the universe telling me that I need to become an alarmist mother to my very clutzy kids, right?

Time for a worst pinup mother of the year award, my friends:

"Woe is me. I never know when things are broke. Sigh..."


Shana said...

It doesn't help to be overly cautious. I did that with my daughter recently and she was in the doctor's office three times in one week...for nothing!
But I have also done the "it's nothing, stop whining" thing too. Let my kid suffer with double ear infections for a whole week before I took him in...can't seem to win either way.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I'm waiting for the day I hear this in the ER - "Ma'am, he's fine. No fracture. However, look here, you can clearly see a severe break that healed incorrectly. Yeah. We're going to have to call CPS."

My husband tells me that I can be rather uncaring when it comes to illness. I'd like to think of it as gun-shy. I would have done the same thing - "suck it up, be a man, it's not like it's broken!"

Oops. Em

Karly said...

Oh no! I'm the opposite, always thinking that it's worse than it is! Hope his toe is feeling better!

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