United States of Motherhood: Secret Sch-mervice Asshats

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Secret Sch-mervice Asshats

Okay, my friends, I know he's not popular to many, but he's still our president until January despite Obama thinking he should hold a press conference every other hour as "president-elect."

He still can and will need to do his job. Not one shoe, but two before the perpetrator was tackled?


Now, we have pics of Obama on beach waaay to close:

Hello, Secret Service asshats. Do I need to buy you a Starbucks so you can stay awake to protect the leader and future leader of the free world?

Can we pay attention longer than my 12 year old here?


Huh? Huh?

1 comment:

Dumblond said...

Asshat! Woooo! I just love that word!

I saw those pictures of Obama. I was also curious as to why he looks so alone...Secret Service aren't supposed to be that secret.

I've never been a Bush fan but I was really shocked when he got shoed. Why didn't the Secret Service nail that guy as soon as he started walking forward?! He shouldn't have been able to get off that second shoe...

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