United States of Motherhood: Banned Superbowl Ad and Attention Whores

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Banned Superbowl Ad and Attention Whores

Can I just say that having once been a PETA member, once meaning almost 20 years ago, I keep getting more and more embarrassed.

This is their latest supposed "too racy for the Super Bowl" ad:

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

I know I'm falling prey to their ad campaign by putting it on my blog, but it also amuses me how much thay have turned into a bunch of crazy, attention whores.

Guys will enjoy the ad while eating their steaks and loosening their leather belts and their leather boots in front of the tv.

Do any of you think this ad will truly inspire vegetarianism?! Or the naked displays on the streets? The guys probably flock to those demonstrations after picking up a burger, eh?

I doubt it will inspire any women to be sex objects for vegetarianism.

As for the claim, ummm, no longer a veg and wasn't having sex when I was, so do veggies have more sex?? Dunno. Uhhhh, Helen? Any comment? :P


Dumblond said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that commercial is not going to inspire anyone to suddenly go veg...guys might think that vegetarian chicks are hotter now...
You are right. All they wanted to do was to get people talking about PETA.

Eudea-Mamia said...

I was totally annoyed by the whole thing as well, but really, it's genius.

Super Bowl ads go for 2-3 (?) million these days. PETA shoots this ad, knowing full well it will never get on, submits it, Super Bowl declines, PETA acts all "shocked" - gets tons of free advertising.

Quite brilliant. Still skanky and does nothing for their credibility in my view, but brilliant.

Beau said...


I'm gonna eat my veggies tonight! ;)

Scout's Honor said...

Again, yep attention getting, but the attention they are getting will truly do nothing for their cause because I think it would offput people genuinely interested and excite dogs errr...men who like the broccoli used as a dildo. Ewww..

See, of all my posts of late, this is the one my loving husband chose to comment on. Once a dog, always a dog, eh CG? Heh! :) Love you anyway, you letch who adores meat and cheese who would never consider going veg.

Beau said...


I'm still figuring out what to say on the other posts...

Stand by.

imhelendt said...

As a veg, I found the commercial completely and utterly offensive and disgusting. Honestly, I am so turned off by PETA now. This was just TOO FAR.

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