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Friday, January 2, 2009

Belated Milestones

What ho! Did I mention that some time to be determined in November was my second year bloganniversary?

If you say yes, you're lying. Heh!

Um, no I did not because I forgot this milestone.

I feel though I would be remiss not to celebrate especially since some of you actually read my drivel.

So, my friends, I cap off a great year by giving you a craptacular compilation of my top eight posts most read (but perhaps not written) in 2008:

1. Quid Pro Quo: Yes, my husband is a lascivious letch

2. Breast! Breast! Breasts: Are we seeing a pattern here in my readership? I tricked them though since this was about rabid breastfeeding.

3. Pondering Gender Roles: My six year old wears nail polish, so?!

4. My Husband's Blinking spoon Collection:
Yes, my husband is a blasted cat lady when it comes to espresso cups.

5. Physics:
Physical hygiene. Extreme physical hygiene.

6. He's Having an Affair: My husband's affair in all it's gory detail

7. Blows Your Mind But I've Got Your Back: Stay the hell away from this place unless you like to recreate in dirty shacks, if so, be my guest.

8. Yo Ungrateful Bi-otch! : My bestest award I give anyone who asks.

On a somewhat icky, creepy, but unrelated news item, pics of my feet on my husband's Flickr account have led to quite a ragtag bunch of skeevies liking my feet. We are talking 5000+ hits per image in some cases with comments about sucking my toes.


I am pretty sure I will demand that he remove all feet pics because rocking in a corner in the dark is just not my favorite pastime to do in 2009.

*Blognotes: Thx for the Flickr pics by Matthew Fang

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