United States of Motherhood: I'm a Violator of the Worst HOV Kind Apparently

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a Violator of the Worst HOV Kind Apparently

I got this warning in the mail today:

It seems that someone thinks I was cheating in the HOV (Washington carpool) lane.

It seems that someone thinks there is ever a time that I am actually in my car alone.

As in without spawn.

Seems this dipwad took time out of their day to nark report on me as a violator on the state hot line.

What dumbass doesn't know is that I would gladly pay the $124 if I could drive just one night without spawn.

However, that never, ever happens.

What does happen is a surly 12 year old with bad posture slinks to the very back row when I drive him on Sundays to swim practice. It's hard to see him with tinted windows. He crouches over his IPOD video. Ass hat probably didn't see him.

Or perhaps he didn't see the itty-bitty six year old in a booster who also likes to spread out in the back row with his DS.

However, some clues such as the thought that perhaps an eight-passenger, gas guzzling, tinted glass SUV with swim team stickers with a crazy eyed mom yammering and raving like a loon to apparently nothing, but thin air, might have another passenger that caused that the on-the-edge-of-insanity look in said swim mom's eyes deserves consideration.

This might have been apparent on close perusal.

Whatever the situation was, I found it hardly amusing after driving back from swim practice tonight in the driving rain to find evidence in my mail box that someone thinks I didn't have a right to drive in the HOV lane.

So asshat whistle-blower? Yes you! The one who rushed to judgment and probably tattled on me while holding your cell phone because you saw a mom driving and the second row was empty? You can shove this up your arse:


Tendrils said...

Ugh! That sucks! I so hate people who thrive on this kind of behavior! Get a life! Put your damn cell phone down.....and drive. Leave people alone.

Can you fight this or do you have to just pay your fine?

I use that lane all the time.....and I am only carting one little guy around!

Scout's Honor said...

Tendrils: So this time it is a warning. If I get reported three times over who knows what time period, then my car registration and licensed drivers gets sent to the state police. I become a known "violator."


You get someone who doesn't like you and they can be asshats by reporting you three times. I understand reporting is anonymous.


The fact is that I am never alone. Seriously. WE swim seven days a week and that is the only time I get on the freeway. Believe me, there's always at least one, often three of my own children in my car. Then there's the weekly swim carpool when I have seven wet swimmers in the car. Wooo-ey! Fun times.

Sorry, I am getting all fired up all over again.


Mr Lady said...


Freaking IDIOTS.

imhelendt said...

I'm sorry to admit I laughed. Because you get all fired up like me. My guess is that you cut someone off or something. Or you've blogged one too many times about a neighbor. lol. Also I don't think they can legally give you a ticket if an officer doesn't see it.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

LOL...sorry for you luck...I got tagged by one of those "I got nuntn better to do than tell on other people" kinds years ago. I got a notice from the police that it was illegal to park cars in my front yard. Well since I had a double long and winde driveway, I couldn't imagine how anyone could think my husband and I would have parked the car in the yard...so I called, told them I don't own a car like that, but the ass accross the street does...and if they find it in MY yard, to go ahead an tow it...

idiot!! Couldn't even get the house number right...even though there were no where near the same...like you would say, asshat!!

Leslie said...

People can be jerks. Really? Who reports something like that?

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Ack!!! So what now?

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