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Friday, January 2, 2009

Windy Once More

I haven't done a post like a this in a while so my readers who never actually come to my blog (hint!), but read it in a evil feeder (call me a hypocrite) might not know I have a wind problem.

No, not what you are thinking....

...but, now that I think about it, that's a problem too. Heh!

Anyhoo, I leave comments that would embarrass most people with their length. Posts really. I usually save these post comments for bloggers that are cool with it and get me. Hopefully, that's still the case.

So, the source of my wind?

Two lady bloggers with great senses of humor and comedic timing. First up is Nanny Goats in Panties. She is always sure to elicit a chuckle. She rocks those Nanny panties.

Today's topic was on expired medicine. How expired is expired she asks in her post, "It's Snot 2008 Anymore:"

I wrote in response:

"I haven't read your other comments, but I think it's potency that changes.

I personally have a two year expired rule because I bought a manure load full of medicine I didn't need one year. $300 worth at Costco because we needed to use or loose the rest of our flexible spending.

Now? We still have Costco sized Pepto--two years expired, but it still works. Motrin works damn fine two years expired on cramps and headaches. I have never used or even know what one needs Maalox and Milk of Magnesia for, but I got some (expired) just in case. Damned if I was going to let those dollars of ours leave our house. Where do they go if you don't use them anyway? The way the account stewards hassle us for receipts and more receipts and authorization, I would think they get to keep it? Anyone know?

Oh, yes, I forgot the most important thing. If you ever, ever have a sore throat, do not, I repeat, do not use expired Chloraseptic Oral analgesic spray from my marvelous MIL's house. She tried to poison me. The throat, inflamed already, felt soaked in Napalm. An hour later, I checked the label. Yes, my friends, she gave me a medicinal spray that had been EXPIRED FOR TEN! TEN! TEN! years! It had evaporated to straight alcohol sludge. Put that on your raw throat?


Oh, and if there is ever a medical emergency that needs band aids and gauze, I'm your woman. I'm pretty sure those never expire and so I bought two deluxe first aid kits the size of suitcases and then 10 more boxes or so. No one gets a paper cut without a band aid in this house.


Happy New Year!!"
Then, we had a more serious post from Leslie at My Mommy's Place that speaks to the business of blogging and commenting and frequencies of posts called "Because I Am All About Value."

Go ahead. Go check her out and take her poll. I'll wait....

(Checking my nails)


Done already?

(Foot tapping)

Well hurry up!

My response:

"So, I voted everyday because I enjoy reading your blog, but really no pressure because I have well over 2000 posts to read in Google reader.

I also aspire to post daily and, as my husband pointed out when I complained no one linked to me anymore, that I rarely post anymore. So much for my post a day promise.

Life and kids are by far more important and more fleeting than your blog, so do what you have to do first or you’ll resent your blog like I did. Or procrastinate…Or worse, neglect your kids and miss their belly laughs while reporting what they did yesterday.

Life comes first.

As for comments, also a guilty spot for me. I love to get comments, but barely have the time to respond and am usually not good about it. I wish I did better because I really like getting ‘em.

As for the style, definitely I prefer when people respond to all in comments–not privately in email. It incites more comments and more visitors for both you and the commentor.

Happy New Years!"

Okay, so did I get it right? Tell me. Yep, I'm a needy slattern that needs affirmation. Come on. Which is more important: My kids or my blog?

'Cause I'll drop 'em like a dime if you say my blog is more important. I mean these three:

Who needs them when I have you? Heh!

*blognotes: Thx for the Flickr pic by HKmPUA

1 comment:

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Hey, thanks so much for the link love and kind words!

How did you get the dog to pose just like the kids? So cute!!!

Hope you have a great week!

- Margaret

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