United States of Motherhood: Smoking Pig or Whiny Babies ON A PLANE? You decide.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Smoking Pig or Whiny Babies ON A PLANE? You decide.

I was dreaming about balmy weather and tropical drinks today.

Warm breezes.

Sand between my toes.

Watching the kids play in the surf.

I went to Trip Advisor to do some research for a trip I doubt we can afford, but a girl can dream, can't she?

So imagine my shock to be jolted out of my blue raspberry daiquiri reverie than this asshat forum:

The flight I was on from Sydney to London last year took 23 hrs and 25 minutes.

During that time there was a small child (maybe aged about 3) that screamed for 21 hrs and 13 minutes of the entire flight. Trust me people...I timed it. Not much else to do really. I couldn't sleep because of the noise, there was nothing on telly and I couldn't have a cigarette thanks to the draconian non smoking laws.

The kid still carried on screaming in the terminal at Singapore on the one hour stop.

I reckon a child of that age is far too young to fly.

So I propose that no children should be allowed on a plane until they are over 11 years of age. This would suit the airlines as inexplicably they consider a 'child' is not a 'child' when they are over 11. Well they seem to whack the prices up once a child is over 11 anyway....


Posted on: 9:54 am, today by Cris_P_Bacon

I responded:

This is such a ridiculous comment. Many of you assume this family was on holiday/vacation. How do you know they weren't going to a funeral? Relocating? Attending a family reunion? Medical treatment? Do you know the history of that child? Apparently, you view children as second class citizens of the world. Sad really.

As a military member stationed in Alaska, I often had to travel on long flights with my small children to visit family and also when we relocated.

Once, my two year old, was that screamer. Just once. I was horrified. He was un- consolable. I could do nothing. He before and since has always traveled like a dream. But that once? It was a nightmare.

So been there and done that. Had the evil eye of fellow passengers. Even a bitchy flight attendant. Now, I realize if that parent could calm that child if it were humanly possible.

Now days, my kids are older, but when we travel and I hear a poor child screaming on a flight, I always go out of my way to make eye contact and smile with sympathy. I'll even offer candy, snacks, treats, or a toy if I have one.

So why don't we get out of our infantilized, whiny, belly button gazing behavior and have some goddamn compassion for once, eh crispy bacon? Grow up. the world is not about you and your nasty cigarette habit reeking up the plane.

Posted on: 1:58 pm, today by USMotherhood

So, my friends, let's do "discuss. "

Last I checked, I paid full price for a seat for any child over the age of two. Full. Adult. Fare.

Second, my husband travels for business quite a lot. He has said on more than one occasion that he would happily travel with our well-behaved seven year old than a lot of the inconsiderate adults with which he has traveled on flights.

He even had a woman beseachingly ask him if she could nurse her baby while sitting next to him. He was shocked she even asked. Of course she could. Apparently other passengers on her travels had complained.

Ridiculous how grown adults put their petty desires and comforts over helpless, hungry, uncomfortable children, isn't it?

So my friends? Let's discuss. What would you choose?

Stanky cigarette whiner self- monikered after a pig who bitches about kids under the age of 12 years having the gall to travel on planes?

Or unhappy baby whose ears hurt?

Which would you rather sit next to on your next trip?

Send me a comment, m'kay?

And while you are at it, please do go discuss with Mr. Cris P. Bacon what a cold, congealed dolt he is, pretty please.

He's already responded to me that he doesn't care if it was a funeral. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, parents should come prepared with snacks, games, ipod, ds, dvds, AND TO BE ACTIVELY PARENTING (Yes, I've had the kid kicking the back of my seat over and over with no parent intervention), but when a child, especially a baby, is hurting, sick, or so uncomfortable they only cry because they don't have the ability to communicate their needs?

Let's have some compassion, not bans.

Thx for the flickr pics by dustjelly and by tostadophoto.com and by David Winnie


Anonymous said...

Congrats or commisserations? You saw Chrispies bait but missed seeing the hook and he landed you in his net.

LSANFO said...

Mr. Cris P Bacon has my sympathies. He obviously doesn't know the joy (as well as all the annoyances) of children. I would rather be that mom with the screaming child than I would be him. But 23 hours is a long time...

Dumblond said...

I would definitely prefer a plane full of screaming children for 24 hours than to sit in one with cigarette smoke. I can plug my ears...can't exactly hold my breath that long.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Asshat is correct!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the hollaring babe over smoke any day. Have people lost their minds? I tire quickly from folks who won't show any grace. Then expect it from places that can't give it (like from a tiny child.) Grrrr.

Love it when you give people like that hell.
Sandhill Sis

Grant said...

Take the train........LOL!! Ultimately any form of public transport is a way outside our comfort zones since we are not in full control of the situation.

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