United States of Motherhood: Got Kindle? Add a Side of Wasabi, My Friends

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Got Kindle? Add a Side of Wasabi, My Friends

I must say having my blog outed by my family has been rather freeing. I've started to shrug and say I still am what I am.

Call me Popeye.

No editing allowed.

Okay, using the "f" bomb has been curtailed, but, hey, I wanted to do that anyway. Heh!

So, then the question is how much do I want to toot my own horn? It's ingrained in me to be modest, self-effacing, and not able to take compliments well. So how does one seek out more readers like you with such an inner-voice whispering , "No one wants to read your drivel."

It's this constant battle.

Luckily, CG is one of my biggest cheerleaders. So I plodded on.

I'm a Stumbleupon Addict, so I do put my stuff out there regularly.

I've also tried Reddit. Yikes! Reddit, I've found is scary and made up up lots of unspoken rules.

Moreover at Reddit?

Apparently, if my hand looks fat in a picture, I suck.

They make my anonymous troll last week seem like a kindly, good-natured unicorn. Heh.

I finally had one kind Reddit reader clue me in that Reddit is a bunch of "immature men."

Hmmm...I've got enough of that with three of 'em at home.

So, a bit wounded after Reddit wars, I've thought maybe I shouldn't get my stuff out there.

Then I get a check.

My month of hard work has earned enough to take the family not just to burritos, but to sushi.

Can we say toro nigiri? Seattle roll? Wasabi, my old friend.

I figure my $50 check from BlogHer amounts to making a whopping 49 cents an hour or a night at the sushi conveyor belt of loooooove.

Ohhh, baby!


It's better than my day job's salary, right? My mommy salary is a big zero.

I take that back. I get insults from my 12 year old. Flu from my daughter. Dirty socks from seven year old. Oh, and endless love that makes it all worth while.

Note: To you trolls who will invariably take these previous sentences the wrong way, I jest. Get a sense of humor. I love my kids more than the world, but what is motherhood without some sarcasm to make it interesting?

Honestly though, while getting the occasional bone or sushi thrown my way is nice, it's you readers that make it all worth while. Your comments. Your emails. Your StumbleUpon conversations.

So, I plod on. This time, I try Kindle.

Yes, Kindle. Check it out. You can subscribe to me right on your Kindle. More details:

You can get a free 14 day subscription here at Amazon.

Alright-y then, now off to my other job. Off to chauffeur kid to swimming, or birthday party, or some place or other. I work for smiles and the occasional hug as mothers the world over do as well and have done for generations.

Many thx for the Flickr pics by Kirk Siang , Sof Johns, and adactio.


Beau said...

Umm. What do you mean 3 immature men at home? By my count, there are only two, Kid 1 and Kid 2.

And, anytime you want a bone thrown your way, I've got one for you! ;)

Oh, maybe thats where the 3 immature men comment comes from. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I knew that bone comment from Beau was imminent.

Congrats on your sushi victory! Very nice of you to take the 3 immature dOOds plus Princess out for sushi and not buy oh say a $50 mascara.

I love your blog and admire you for keeping going despite the problems with your sisters. It can't be easy. It's great that you can be yourself on your blog. I could not manage it.


Scout's Honor said...

Heh! Amelia. Yep, I knew he'd never get past the bone part. Did I call it or did I call it? It might have been him tooting on Li'l Man's head at the breakfast table as well. Sigh.

Sorry to hear you felt that way with your blog and on the internet. You are a beautiful person, but I know too well the internet crowd can be the biggest, arsehole stalker bullies in the world. Anonymity gives them courage.

I hope you still write, even on paper and ink because your little bean will so enjoy reading about you as an adult.


Jennifer said...

Ooooh, too cool! KINDLE! I have the free kindle app on my iphone and I love it. I'll have to check out subscribing to your blog. I don't come here as often as I should anymore! Life is just too crazy, but I miss reading your blog regularly!

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm lucky that I've never been bullied on the internet. I have encountered one or two people who unfortunately morphed into asshats, and also made plenty of trouble for myself.

I'm pretty sure our children won't read our (ex)blogs or scattered writings. I know I'm the only one who thinks so, but I'm right. :D And good, because the idea of Bean sifting through my old forgotten papers of an evening, accompanied only by whiskey and maudlin lamplight, is enough to take me to the bridge, yo. ;p


Dumblond said...

I guess there are benefits to having only a few readers...they tend to play nice. But then again, I don't get checks in the mail either...

CP said...

I can get you on my Kindle? So cool- I will download you as a free subscription any day!

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