United States of Motherhood: Lemons & Mary Poppins: Getting My Snark Back

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lemons & Mary Poppins: Getting My Snark Back

Lemons and lemonade keep swirling in my mind.

Thoughts that rainy days aren't soo bad keep flitting about...

I've found that I can't lie in my own mind muck for too long lately.

When the fug did I become Mary Poppins, eh?

It can't be maturity can it?

After only 36.78 years???

No way!


It's funny how I used to get thrown for a tizzy and my mind would explode from the small things and depression would creep in. My house not being in order would literally cause buzzing in my ears. Major life issues would rock my world.

Today? My life? My house is a mess and my life has major issues and now?

I shrug.


I am an overly stressed person. I admit it. Believe me, CG would swear by it.

I come by it honestly. My mother might be one of the most easily stressed persons I know. Like mother like daughter.

Think of me as a bird with her heart in her throat. However, there's the sarcastic scout with this bravado that brushes stuff off to the world as if nothing matters.

That same Scout would then curl up in a ball as her way of dealing.

Many months in the past ten years, I would swear I needed to be committed although most people in my life would never guess there was anything wrong.

CG would know. I would know. Everyone else would see nothing.

However, my friends? This is not the sarcastic, false bravado Scout talking.

No, it is not. It's a different Scout.

These days, I don't know what's changed, but I am dealing.


I am dealing.

I am bummed about what happened this last few days, but I find myself shrugging, seeking company and humor in misery rather than wanting to die in a cave, and saying to myself, "what can you do, but laugh."

Shocking, yes?

Yes, I am shocked I am dealing. I am looking for farking lemonade, my friends. LEM-O-NADE.

Thusly, I am working on identifying and blogging about good stuff. Focusing on the positive never hurt anybody, yes?

Yep, call me fugging Martha Stewart ready to drive on after prison.

And my good things? I am working to find one for every crappy thing I mentioned in my last blog.

So what's Scout's Good Thing o' the day, you ask?

It's these pictures below. Yep, despite the crapola called April and having no calendar, a good thing happened.

This bitchin' Mommy not only remember crazy hair day, but she remembered it so early she got prepared.

We had the craziest of all crazy hair days:

I know you are jealous. Heh! You aspire to my crazy hair talents. I know you do. Enjoy!

And about that searching for lemonade?

Can I say Limoncello?

Lemon drop?

Ohhh, la la. Lemon Martini?

Ahhh...searching for the best lemon cocktail to cure what ails me:

Oh, yes. a spoonful of this with sugar makes life's medicines go down.

Thx for the Flickr pics by MAS_KS and by Experiment 33 and by foxypar4 and by jen_maiser


Em said...

So Excellent!!

You make this pathetic faux-hawk making Mama feel shame.

I was to be redeemed this coming Monday with one last crazy hair day (who comes up with this stuff?) but regretfully, our district has been closed until May 11 because of 2, yes 2, cases of swine flu.

Don't ask me, I just live here.

Finally caught up with the happenings. Zowweee. I say go for the limoncello.

Two snaps for the guilty mom, though. Glad you were able to get some items returned.

Keep on lookin' up!

LSANFO said...

I thought I was doing good with the 4 pony-tails look for crazy hair day. Hrmph.

Ann(ie) said...

LOVIN the hair!!! And we totally need to meet for lemon drops once I pop out this kid!

Dumblond said...

Holy Crap! Where were you at when I was craving my crazy hair!? I am co-ve-ting your daughter's do! Way badass!
Lemon drops...yes. I concur. Make it so.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Excellent crazy hair.

Glad to see you are feeling better!

Molly said...

mom gave me the details (surprise surprise) so sorry that sucks. keep your chin up big sis..and as for those lemon drops...got me plane tickets. yeah we get to play! (along with two insanely energetic little tikes, yikes just alittle scared.) maybe lemondrops and lemoncello???

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

I love crazy hair day...but they have put to many restrictions around here...ugh..YOU have taken it to a new level, and yes, I am jealous...

As for the lighter side...sometimes we just get to a point where we realize that stressing about stuff just doesn't get us anywhere...I am turning a new leaf myself on the subject...

Bravo to you...

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