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Monday, May 25, 2009

Too Many Medical Procedure Videos: Raising Boys

Li'l Man whacks PB on her belly when he plops his feet in her lap while reclining on our couch. It's not a hard hit, but she squeals, ever dramatic.

His head hangs upside down off edge to watch Kung Fu Panda.

Yes, real estate on this here sectional is dear.

PB: "Hey!"

Li'l Man flippantly: "What! It's not like you really need your uterus or anything."

Me: {{Eyebrows raised}}

Li'l Man: "What?! It's not like she needs her uterus or something."

His voice is indignant as his hands move to his hips.

He stands stubbornly by his first statement. No negotiation.

Yes, my seven year old thinks uteri (Would that be the plural of uterus, heh!) are redundant.

It's my own fault.

After watching this the other evening, I told him not to worry and that I didn't really need my uterus anymore.

In seven year old, I guess that I speak for the entire female population. Men are so literal.

Me: "Yes, dear son, I think she might want to keep that part of her undamaged. If it's okay for PB to get whacked if her uterus, then that means it's okay for you to get whacked by PB in your..." I trail my voice off for effect and point downward.

I look down below his waist. He immediately understands and does a half-cringe.

No more need to communicate.

Boys! It is so easy to communicate through their sympathetic communication centers.

Their father is the same way.

Thx for the flickr pic by paul goyette


Jeff Cutler said...
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JamaGenie said...

I couldn't get past "uteri". That'd mean the plural of the male communication center would be "peni". So is what is meant by a "peni for your thoughts"???

Just wondering... ;D

Robin Easton said...

LOL!!! You are a hoot. Handled with great panache. I never would have done it so well with so few words. You are my hero!!! LOLOL!!! :))

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