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Friday, July 31, 2009

I HATE HEAT: Global Warming Kiss My Ass

It was over 100 here in Seattle the last couple days.

That means it was 90 degrees for three days here in the Seattle 'burbs.

No, not outside. Inside our blasted house. The thermostat registered 90 degrees. It was 58 percent humidity in the kitchen.

No air conditioner. FOUR large, unblockable skylights in 20 foot ceilings. Makes for one irate wife.


Still lobbying husband that we need to get it. I covet every neighbor on our street when I hear their AC grind on.

I did catch CG hanging out at the neighbors air conditioned palace yesterday.

And yet? We still don't need AC "for a few days a year."

I count at least 10 that it's been over 80 in our house this year. Arsehole!

Every year it's getting hotter and hotter here in Seattle. Call it global warming, natural warming trends, whatever.

All I can say is this is one of many reasons we left California. I hate heat.

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pinkpackrat said...

You have my sympathy-- I hate heat too. Tell hubby that installing central air will up the resale value of your house bigtime-- especially in view of climate change issues.

Grizzly Kitteh said...

I feel for you. The last few days have definitely been miserable... We've been hiding out in the basement and putting bags of ice behind the fans for the swamp cooler effect.

Anonymous said...

oh me too- I live up north of you near the border- we've been at insufferable for a week now.

it made work an almost bearable solution during the day.
kl crab

Whit said...


pinkpackrat said...

Tell that cheap hubby of yours what I said about resale value-- if he won't spring for central air, at least a window unit for the bedroom so you can sleep at night-- it's really disgraceful:-)

Anonymous said...

A freaking men! I moved from Southern Nevada where it 120+. We didn't have air conditioning in our house, and it was freaking miserable in the summer. Where does Seattle get off getting that hot?

Beki from Stumble

Leslie said...

I feel for you! Our AC broke the weekend of Julia's birthday. Dave calls it the lost weekend. He wants to forget it. It was a bad, bad weekend.

Dumblond said...

Preach on Sister Scout! My husband lived his whole life in Texas and Southern California and he has been complaining about the heat lately! It's just downright unnatural for our beloved PNW.
I can't help you on the AC front. My husband has been toying with the purchase but I'm the one who has been shutting it down. With our split level house, our downstairs stays relatively cool. Granted I did have to buy another fan for the downstairs...
Good luck with that!

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