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Monday, September 21, 2009

Anthony Bourdain in the Making

We are adventurous eaters, but some of us more than others in this family.

We went to get some Pho last night. I am sure you know, but Pho is actually pronounced Fa.

So, if you are ever in the Bellevue or Mercer Island area of Washington, I love Pho is great.

So, you know something is up when your seven year pronounces Pho correctly. However, when you get seated and he orders a very authentic speciality dish from the waiter ?

You know the one with rare beef, meatballs, tripe, and tendon?

CG raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged.

We decided to see what would happen.

We get our steaming bowls and add fresh basil leaves, squeeze limes, bean sprouts and add chiles to taste.

Yum, so fragrant with a complex beef broth and cilantro and noodles.

So we dig in. In a few minutes, Li'l Man picks up something even CG and I don't eat.

"What's this?"

CG and I exchange a glance. Honesty? Slight on the details so he actually eats some dinner?

"Um, it's tripe."


"Do you like it?"

"Umm, yes, it tastes good, but it's really chewy and hard to eat."


Then to CG, "Do you want some?"

I have never seen CG turn down a bite so fast.

So, uhhh, adventurous eater he is. Did I mention he was seven?

Reading around the blogoshpere parents have a hard time getting kids to eat anything, but mac 'n cheese and cheese pizza.

Li'l Man, as the youngest, and really like all of ours kids, was never given a choice. You eat what we eat when it's made at home when you get teeth. Really before you have teeth if it's soft. It never occurred to us that the kids wouldn't like tofu, anchovies in pasta putanesca, butternut squash risotto, whatever.

You are allowed to choose from the menu as long as it's not junk from the kids' menu, but last night? No kids menu.

Now, had we told him what exactly it was, would he have eaten it? Dunno.

Maybe. This kid's favorite food in kindergarten on his back to school night poster was Miso Salmon and broccoli with horseradish sauce.

I just love that a name to call the new food item on his plate, and after he'd tried it, sufficed. He trusted that it was edible because otherwise why would it be on the menu.

People, we have ourselves a budding Anthony Bourdain? Perhaps.

Thanks for the Flickr pics by selva and by Offbeat Photography


acquireworth said...

When my little cousin was 7 he'd order things like garlic shrimp with a side of risotto. I dared him to eat the eyeball off his grilled whole fish once. He popped it his mouth and said, "mmmm, so good."

I'm all for raising kids with a refined pallet. Who cares about pizza when there's so much amazing food out there! :)


Carrie said...

My two-year-old hates almost all "white people" foods, as I call them. He completely rejects things like peanut butter and scrambled eggs. But give him a handful of eel or salmon sashimi, and he's in heaven.

Definitely taking after his daddy's side of the family and not mine.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

lol..my kids were great eaters...until they got to about 5...ugh.

As for Anthony...he had me until he was in China or Japan, and at a dish that traslates to "house of poo"...you go ahead and guess what THAT was!!

Dumblond said...

Let's just hope he doesn't inhale cigarettes and drink like a fish ala Mr. Bourdain. And the fact that he refers to shows as "food porn" creeps me out...

Scout's Honor said...

TopsyTurvy? Eyeballs? Gross. Ickety-ick. you are a baaad cousin. :)

Carrie? Eel shashimi? Yum. Another one of Lil Man's faves. He'll try the roe eggs when the older ones stick to salmon roll and spider crab.

Dawn? Double gross. Poo? Shiver. Taboo. Very taboo.

Dumbblond? Yeah, cigarettes? Gross. Now drink like a fish?? Hmmm...guilty. And food porn? That's like my favorite label when I stumble. Some people drool. Others call it comfort food. For me, it's "Food Porn." Nom, nom.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, tripe and... tendon. Ack.

Speaking of innards, how is your liver? Hope you got good news yesterday.

Scout's Honor said...

Amelia!! I know ack! There were leftovers yesterday that CG and I had for lunch. I meticulously picked out every gelatinous tendon chunk and strip of pearly white tripe.

I missed one in Beau's bowl and he nearly gagged.

We personally draw the line on some foods.

As for innards, not good. I was planning on writing a post, but quick and dirty:

fatty liver disease

fat deposits in liver which usually are there permanently and can turn into scar tissue which turns into cirrohsis like the best of alcoholics.

We are going to try to get enzymes under control and stop process by losing 40 lbs and limiting alcohol to 1-2 drinks weekly or preferably none.

If this doesn't stop, I am 30 points on my labs from a liver biopsy. Ouch!

On top, my cholesterol and blood pressure are sending red flags. Time to start eating better and exercising rather than just driving kids to their exercise.

Sigh. I am actually pretty positive. Ate oatmeal, went for walk yesterday. Working on my baby steps. :)

Sassmo said...

Yummm.. I haven't had tripe in a while. I also miss Oxtail soup. My big regret about Seattle is that good Korean food is almost impossible to find (I heard there's a few good places on Aurora, way up North).

That's awesome that he's an adventurous eater. I wonder if he'd still eat it if he knew what it was though :D

Rose Belle said...

My mom babysat my daughter from infancy to 4 years old. When my daughter was probably around 2, she and my mom would go to eat Pho together every Friday. Before my daughter could pronounce "pho", she'd say "mum, mum" when she got to the restuarant. Now she knows how to set up her little sauce plate for the hoisin sauce and wipe her chopsticks and spoon. She doesn't like to eat her pho with a fork by the way.

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Wendy said...

i'm so impressed. my kid is only on tomato soup, so far...and even that needs little goldfish sprinkled in for temptation!

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