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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Common Sense: Family Members & Gnats

Saw this the other day and couldn't stop tittering

Reminds me of kids these days, dagnabbit...

... and perhaps one side of our familial line.

I won't say which side, but we can all guess which has the common sense of a gnat on more days than I want to admit, eh?


Could I sound any more like a cranky, judgmental, grudgy old lady?!

I think not.


Make that one unapologetic, cranky, judgmental old lady.


Shala said...

*squee* It's Deadpool! I love Deadpool!

Trish said...

Awesome. Can I put this on my blog? Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about sounding like a grumpy old lady, it happens to us all. There was a music festival on here this weekend and not only did I not go, but after swerving to avoid many drunken teenagers on the road and finding human sick, broken bottles and used condoms in my garden, I have made numerous speeches about the ghastly good-for-nothing youth of today, they have no sense, they should all be sent to borstal school, etc.



Dumblond said...

Best inspirational poster ever! If I didn't want my kids to walk around the house saying "god damn" all the time, I would blow that up and put it in a frame!

Mari said...

I hear ya! I often confuse my common sense with plain paranoia these days.

Brett Singer said...

The fact that this is Deadpool makes the image that much more great.

Anonymous said...

I must say, that while this post made me laugh, your ranting about "today's youth" did not. No, you could not sound anymore like a cranky old woman or anymore like a hypocrit. If you can dig back to the days of your youth you'll remember that it was your generation that introduced pot to mine and the generation before you that can boast being the firsts to trip acid.

Even the anonymous comment about the concert and finding condoms and such in their garden is a joke. Hi, can you recall Woodstock? Because my generation wasn't even born then.

The gist of it is, my generation is still trying, still striving to find some meaning in this world. We're still out there doing good deeds...those just don't get reported very often. Don't jump on this "let's blame everything on today's youth" bandwagon, that's too easy and as a mother, you should be above that.

I'm sick of my generation being a scapegoat. Perhaps our parents are the truly faulty generation. Or maybe it's hard growing up in a world where being "religious" is synonymous with being a freak and technology rules. Think about it.

Scout's Honor said...

Anonyomous, anonymous, anonymous....Did we get a bad batch today?

Obviously tongue in cheek humor is lost on you so let me clear up something. I am in my thirties. Not even alive when Woodstock happened!! Sorry can't take credit for introducing pot to your generation and neither can Amelia, m'kay? We were having some fun.

As for my mention of youth, that was supposed to be humorous. You know. Funny? Haha? Teehee? Get a sense of humor, my friend.

Where was I blaming anything or "everything" on today's youth? What the ever living bejesus are you ranting about?

By the way, since you post anonymous and never actually tell us what "generation" you are, it's all sadly moot. You want some cred? Try getting some cojones and posting identified, m'kay? And spare me your woe is me whining about religion and technology. Yes, I am a mother. I know how easy my kids have it. Each generation has it easier and easier it thanks to the generation before. We are a very spoiled world. I never for a minute forget how it would be for me or my children to have grown up in Afghanistan or Rwanda where there is real struggle--not your ridiculous whining about religion vs. technology.

It sounds like you have some growing up to do with hopefully a splash of that aforementioned common sense. Hopefully, you are younger than I think.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a commenter so completely misunderstand a post before. Whoa.

But I want it on record that I totally *would* take credit for the pot thing. Like, if someone was needed to take the credit, I would do it. Coolio.

Anonymous, forgo the turkey this year and just put your head in the oven. Yeah. "Think about it." That gives my comment credibility! Recognize!



Brittni said...

whoa whoa fellow bloggers...is this what we've come to? Can't take some criticism? You literally just told another person to "stick their head in an oven".

I hope to God this is not the way you are teaching your children to handle adversity.

I realize that up unto this point you've probably never had opposition to any of your posts and I'm sure you've been a little spoiled by your freedom of speech...but guess what? It goes both ways.

I am literally ashamed of the way you handle this. I'm assuming the post you're so adamant in bashing is from a high schooler...and to tell them to "stick your head in an oven" especially during a holiday season? Do you remember the case of Megan Meyer? A MOTHER made a MySpace to taunt her which eventually led to her suicide.

Are your points valid? Absolutely. But your re-post was so completely immature, I balked. I used to read this blog in reverance, excited to see an American woman speaking the truths of so many of us, but this is disgusting.

It's easy to be brave when you're hiding behing a pseudo-personality on the internet but the people you are talking to are real.

You should be ashamed of yourself, I certainly am.

Anonymous said...

You need medication. Please get it. It's that, or the oven. My money is still on the oven. :D


Scout's Honor said...

Uh Brittini?

"Fellow blogger?"

First do tell what is your blog?

That is what I meant by identified. A profile, a name, something rather than anonymous so I can see where you've been and perhaps your tract record. You see it is very easy to criticize others when you yourself don't put your ideas out there for examination.

Yes, I have a pseudonym because only a fool would give trolls and the psychos on the internet the ability to identify/stalk my family and put my three children at risk. It's just common sense, my friend, not cowardice as you deem it. Curious if you use your name if so-called blog actually exists.

Secondly, I suspect you are just the same anonymous as Amelia thinks. Why? Because somehow you can't seem to read either and infer the craziest of slights from my words:

So no, I did not tell anyone to put their head in the oven.

That was Amelia's dark sense of humor. :) And hence, don't be silly in thinking that is how I teach my children to react to adversity if that is what you want to call it.

I call it having a troll. Yep, have had many over the years. They are usually uneducated, ill-informed, with accusatory comments that are almost always posted anonymous.

They are sad wastes of time, but somehow I always feed them and my long time blog friend Amelia loves to prick their huffy pretensions in my defense. She rocks! :)

As for freedom of speech, there's the rub. I do believe in it and I do have such freedom on MY BLOG. Mine. Anonymous could and should start her own blog as should you, Brittini. Furthermore, I have the ability to delete such comments and I also have the tracking software to actual know where you live and yes, even your IP address.

And yet?? I choose not to delete because I do believe in difference of opinion. I've never deleted a comment unless someone posted spam about viagara. That's just the way I roll. There's been many offensive comments put on my blog over the years--and guess what? they are still there because this American mom does believe in Freedom of Speech a s a right.

As for outing the trolls, they usually scamper away to their holes before it goes that far...if you get my drift.

However, it is my philosophy that if trolls dish it out, then they should be willing to take it as well. Yes, I am sure they are "real" because they come to shite on my ideas without responsibility or putting out their own. And my friends? Their shite stinks.

Ashamed for me? Please! Spare me. You've never commented, emailed or shown your existence as a reader before. You hardly have a track record to show enough familiarity to me to feel ashamed for me or disgusted. That's just silly.

In the end, Brittini, please re-read the comments before you castigate me, m'kay? They should enlighten.

And let's get back to the point of the post which is HUMOR, my friends. This post was about Dead Pool (Squee!), common sense and me poking fun at my husband and his side of the family.

How this was so extrapolated into nonsense is beyond me. So merry farking Christmas, people. I didn't spend the holiday with extended family this season, but all this miscommunication and squabbling makes me feel like I did. :)

Ah, you brought Christmas' past home to me. How sweet. Heh! :)


Scout's Honor said...

Oh, and one more thing because I just can't resist:

Isn't it suspicious, Brittni that you are in the Lake St. Louis/O Fallon area of Missouri...just like the original anonymous commenter on Dec. 22nd?

How's the weather there, Brittni?


Should I narrow it down some more?

You see no one is really anonymous on the internetz, my friend.

No one.

So don't write something to someone that you wouldn't say to a stranger in the grocery store, m'kay?

Eddie Starr said...

Peace, Love & Ice-Cream.

Scout's Honor said...

oooooh, Eddie! Only if it's peppermint fudge ripple! Haven't been able to find that flavor combo in years.


Jeanne Sager said...

Ugh - it's so true it hurts! And is equally hilarious.

As for anonymous, seriously, one day you will grow up and say kids these days too. It's called being a grown up - it's not condescension but simple fact . . . or maybe common sense?

Anonymous said...

You all are the dumbest fucking bitches i have ever heard of in my life. yes the picture was funny but otherwise your just a dumb ignorant bitch who probably hates her life and is slowly drinking herself to death. You are the kind of people that sicken me the most. ignorant close minded people.

Scout's Honor said...

Yoo hoo. Yooo hooo! Anonymous? You still there?

Jeez why is it people find it easy to criticize from their veils of anonymity? Why? Perhaps it's because they are sniveling little wastes in their real life.

I'm close minded?

You base this on what exactly? My support of gay marriage? My live and let philosophy? What?

As to hating my life? Not for a moment. I have a fabulous husband, three gorgeous children, a world class degree from UC Berkeley, a nice house, cuddly dog, a fun place to blog, plentiful time to volunteer in my kids' classrooms...

Oh, wait! I get it. You're jealous because you have nothing so you make ad hominem attacks and attempt to classify me as an "ignorant bitch" with your inability to punctuate, capitalize, or utilize correct grammar. Me ignorant? Yes, you anonymous, douchey commenters are sadly all alike and bring nothing of value to the world...



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