United States of Motherhood: It's Been a Week: Swimming Politics, School, Parties, and Bodily Fluids

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Been a Week: Swimming Politics, School, Parties, and Bodily Fluids

It's been a week.

My parents have been visiting from out of state and health issues occurred which involved multiple bodily fluids. My parents won't stop apologizing. I wish they would. It's not their fault.

Their health issues have been a wake up call for CG and I of what we absolutely don't want to be like in our 70's...

Grendel's cancer took another advance which involved more bodily fluids. Dignity has been compromised and yet the tail wags...

CG has had a pretty gnarly work week. Nothing to write here about that except he slept less than three hours last night and was still kind enough to clear vomit from a clogged sink even though he doesn't do vomit. Seriously.

We long ago made a pact in this marriage that he'd do poop clean up if I did vomit. So, he rocks.

We had Eldest's birthday party on the week-end. Due to it being the last week-end of the summer, we over-invited because we expected a lower turn out. Even if with rain in the morning, the skies cleared.

Turns out, people like my son.

We had 29 teens running gamut over the club and giving the life guards heart attacks. Nine large pizzas, 8 bags of chips, 2 Costco sized bags of Dum-Dums and Willy Wonka candy, 1 sheet cake, 4 1/2 gallons of ice cream,and 20 2-liters of sodas just fueled the fire. It was crazy fun and Eldest is still beaming. I still have crates of party stuff to clean...

Oh yes, on the topic of swimming, our swim team had a political schism worthy of a Star Wars episode including one coach with a purty Olympic ring firing another coach with a purty Olympic ring.

That coach took our two other coaches and our pool and started his own team. Swimmers are stuck in the middle, having to pledge loyalty to one side or the other.

One side has two coaches we admire and HER.

The other side has many coaches we admire, but unstable water, schedule, coaching, etc.

Decisions, decisions...

All I can say is ding-dong the witch is dead.

The kids started school today. We have yet to really buy school clothes. We scrounged supplies from our office supplies yesterday to complete the list. Seems I forgot more than a few items.

Question? Do kids really need a brand spanking new set of oil pastels and colored pencils that they rarely use every single stinking year?

I think not. We scavenged and ziplocked a set of each. We paired fine point markers. Sad I know. I call it recycling. I call it saving a buck. Sigh.

On me this last week? My fucking period started. I got a cold sore. Two actually that make me look like a leper.

In all this, I had a annual check up that I had been putting off for three years. Seems my liver function was questionable. Possibly inflamed. Weird high enzymes.

So? She says with hysteria? I had to forgo any wine, Tylenol, and Motrin for the past week.

Yes, this week. All week. Nothing to dull the pain. Gah!

Yes, no medicating red wine. No Motrin for cramps. And because I keep missing the time to do lab work because of school functions and taking elderly mother to urgent care and emergency rooms, no caffeine two days in a row while I fasted either.

Twitch. Twitch. Head is throbbing.

Is it indicative of a problem that every night this week at 10 PM when I have curled up on the coach after all are snug in their beds to watch tivo-ed episodes with Tim Gunn and Tom Colicchio that my mouth has literally drooled like a pavlovian experiment for that wine?

CG thinks so. :)

Stay tuned...

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Badass Geek said...

Doses of Tim Gunn should only be administered in the presence of a health care professional to avoid overdosing.

Grizzly Kitteh said...

Sounds like a crazy week! Is that a swimming stormtrooper? Awesome!

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