United States of Motherhood: The Lure of Low Lying Fruit: Apples & Rotator Cuff Injuries

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lure of Low Lying Fruit: Apples & Rotator Cuff Injuries

Neighbors, guard your young'uns. There's a gang fruit robbers in town.

A gang of two to be exact:


Background? CG and I have been taking lunch time strolls all week. On one particular trail in our neighborhood, there is a stately apple tree with lusciously out of reach apples. They are small, home grown, and pretty delicious.

Tempting? Very, very tempting. They call our names.

Yesterday, CG got one for me from an overhanging, low lying branch. I figure with the rotten fruit on the ground, where the branches overhang the public trail, make any fruit in that zone free game.

Don't disillusion me. What's that about the bible? Shh! Adam and Eve? Hush now.

Today, the glistening red and green orbs were slightly more out of reach which required me showing my ineptitude with CG's iPhone to document the occasion and him injuring his shoulder by hurtling his monkey-armed, flailing body and taking a flying leap for purloined fruit.

He did say he'd seen it done in a movie once. Ah, that should have been our first indication.

Anything that starts with "Hey! Mom watch this..." or "I saw this in a movie once..." always ends badly in this family.

The things that man does for me.

Actually, at first, I honestly thought he started walking away quickly because there was someone watching us get our pilfered fruit. Heh. Guilty much?

Turns out he hurt himself. I guess I am not the only one around here getting rickety.

Next up, two blocks over is a neighbor with a luscious Asian pear tree that needs plucking.

(Eyebrow Waggle)

I think I'll bring a walking stick. CG's shoulder can't take much more of this. My next husband will be a better produce pilferer. Heh!

Ah, the lure of misbegotten fruit. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

What would the neighbors think?

Fruit thievery! We are no better than squirrels!



geosci said...

What is wrong with all of us? This getting old thing is for losers! I am done with it. Time to start the reverse aging thing... BTW Beau would have been hurt trying that stunt when we were in school as well. Next time you are on a walk shove him into a shrub for me! :-)

Dece said...

I happened to "stumble" apon your blog. I am sorry to hear about Grendel and her cancer. I have my 6 year old Wyatt and I can only imagine..I actually teared up thinking about it. :(

Beau said...

I'm looking forward to our apple today - especially now that we've been given the okay from the owner!

Lori E said...

I don't think this is what the bible meant by forbidden fruit. (I never quote the bible, I just heard this in passing somewhere).

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